We give space to sport, while fully respecting our editorial mission, to pick up on new business opportunities.

The community and platform of the Sole System for the world of sport

Sport is one of the most innovative entertainment-business sectors worldwide, generating a turnover higher than many countries’ GDP.

Football clubs, American franchises and major events are a commercial lever and implement strategies that go well beyond sport, spending huge financial sums on marketing campaigns, communication and brand promotion, including through new media and players on the market.

The 24 ORE Group pays great attention to this sector with a series of initiatives that can guarantee a successful cross-media plan and reach our relevant audience.

Il Sole 24 Ore

Sport 24, Reports and Dossiers

The pages of Sport 24 on Tuesday describe the evolution of the sector, the performances and strategies of the companies that form part of it, as well as the challenges and new aspects of the market.

Reports involve in-depth analysis and offer investigations (together with analysis and interviews) which provide an overview of everything that is relevant for the world of sport and have an established annual timetable widely recognised by the investor market.

Alongside classic display advertising – from the point of view of advertising opportunities – innovative “formats” are available called “branded content” (print content offer), which are more advanced than classic advertising, both in terms of content and graphics.

The print content offer is formed of: Read about, News tags, On stage, and Advertorials.

Dossiers can also be created in the newspaper (also transferred online). They are produced by the most prestigious names from Il Sole 24 Ore, with contributions from industry experts. To discover them all, please see the link below “Press Branded Content”.

  • Evolution of the sector, performances and strategies
  • Targeted analysis conducted by the most prestigious names from Il Sole 24 Ore
  • News from the world of sport analysed with an economic approach

Il Sole 24 Ore Newspaper


Press Branded Content

Il Sole 24

Sport Section

This section is completely handled by the Il Sole 24 Ore editorial team with content ranging from football (financial statements, stadiums and clubs) to Olympic and winter sports; it also contains news from the world of motor sports, with in-depth analysis of Formula 1 and MotoGP but also Formula E and rally racing.

The content is organised into seven specific sub-sections, including those dedicated to the world of bikes and fitness as well as wellness; finally, it also focuses on the sport industry, i.e. companies, technologies, training and sports tourism.

The content offer of therefore includes a series of products created ad hoc for the digital side. Generally speaking, the goal of these products is to generate more engagement, to reach its audience in an effective and efficient way, and to improve brand image and brand awareness.

It involves digital branded content, digital dossiers and super dossiers, white papers, branded content podcasts, live streaming and digital talks. Please see the links below for more details.

  • News and in-depth analysis on the world of sport
  • Comprehensive development of topics
  • Many different formats available for any communication need

Digital Talks

Video Forum Live Streaming

Live streaming

Super Dossier

Digital dossiers

Podcast Branded Content

Audio Content Strategy

Digital Branded Content

Radio 24

Tutti convocati, Olympia, Personal best, Grand Tour, Podcasts

Tutti convocati: with Carlo Genta and Pierluigi Pardo, making sport fun and exciting. This is an ironic, engaging take on the latest sports events, without any fanatical attitudes or technical terms. It features opinions, interviews and, above all, debate with listeners, who are all invited (tutti convocati).

Olympia, the Greek city and birthplace of the Olympic Games, is the symbolic city for sport and the highest values that it represents. Between current events and looking back, every Sunday, Dario Ricci retraces the epic pages of the history of sport and the most dramatic and exciting moments from modern sport.

Personal Best is a programme that provides all the advice you need to start running, to keep going and to get better: from preparing for your first marathon to diet, from training to resilience, from choosing the right shoes to recovering from injury.

Grand Tour is a programme that reports on a different Italian region in each episode alternating service information with a more narrative approach, with suggestions and advice on well-known and lesser known places to discover, including through bike tour routes, running and trekking. The two columns “A ruota libera” and “A passo libero” can be listened to individually as podcasts.

Alongside classic programme sponsorship, Radio 24 provides many formats that make up the “content offer” and whose main goal is in-depth analysis of the client’s topics of interest, organised into many aspects, such as the structure of a service offered or a company success story and much more.

The formats of the content offer include: Wiki24, Noi x voi, Save the date, Una soluzione per te, Voce alle trimestrali, Laboratorio di radiofonia, the “le eccellenze italiane” project and the storytelling project.

Podcasts can be sponsored or produced ad hoc based on the client’s needs. Please see the links below for more information on initiatives and projects.

  • Attentive and loyal listeners to the schedule and presenters
  • A rich content offer created through innovative formats
  • Tackling all sporting disciplines

Radio 24

Radio 24

Special initiatives and events

Radio Branded Content

Audio Content Strategy


HTSI, Prima Comunicazione

HTSI has always focused on issues about sport and well-being.
Alongside opportunities for planning classic advertising, various formats can be created with HTSI, such as: “advertorials“, “special features” (all editorial content) inside the magazine itself, “created for“, “advertising content” (a digital version is also possible) right up to creating “How to” events that help describe the reality of a brand by using the Magazine’s know-how.

HTSI also offers advertising investors plenty of possibilities to develop ad hoc editorial projects: from photo shoots to events where the Editor-in-Chief reports on and interviews industry experts and Advertorials on “Good food and drink”.

Prima Comunicazione is the monthly publication about communication society. Founded in 1973, this magazine is an essential tool to understand what is happening in the world of newspapers, television, advertising and new media, offering plenty of communication opportunities ranging from classic display advertising to advertorial projects created ad hoc according to clients’ communication needs.

  • Testimonies, interviews and investigative reports
  • Readers who care about issues linked to the world of sport and well-being
  • Diverse initiatives that can be planned on the platform


Prima Comunicazione

24ORE Eventi

Tailor-made and topics

24 ORE Eventi is the 24 ORE Group company which plans and runs events to meet clients’ needs and to share Il Sole 24 Ore’s information assets.

Alongside the possibilities for classic sponsorship (of each event) offering different “levels” of participation (main partner, official partner or event partner) depending on the investment, 24ORE Eventi works as a content provider and is recognised on the market as a successful event producer (the formulas include: tailor-made and topics). It offers various types of opportunities to use these events (live events, interactive 24, live streaming 24, live & digital). For more details about these offers, please visit the 24ORE Eventi website: click here.

  • Initiatives resulting from continuous discussion with industry experts
  • Collecting incentives and opening up to market needs
  • Events designed and created to meet the needs of different target audiences, BTB and BTC

24 ORE System

Tax and Regulations


Interview videos

Radiocor offers the following for sport: interview videos aimed at a representative of the Client about the context and the economic and financial scenario in the sector for the Customer’s channels, including the possibility of circulation online.

The features of this format are flexibility, the strong visibility from sharing on social media channels and on the Brand Connect digital hub, as well as the presence of qualified, select writers in the sector.

  • Visibility and flexibility
  • Tailor-made interviews
  • Accurate analysis of economic scenarios and situations linked to the world of sport


Italian third-party websites

Calcio e finanza, Tuttomercatoweb, Milan news, NumeroDiez, Il Post/Giornaleditalia: sez. sport

24ORE System has a portfolio of properties that are an outstanding example when it comes to tackling issues linked to the world of sport.

Calcio e finanza (Football and Finance) is the first Italian online newspaper dedicated to the economic-financial aspects of football and sport. Online since November 2013, it is unique on the Italian digital information scene.

Tuttomercato web: this is one of the most followed sports papers, which was already online back in 1996 and became an essential go-to resource for football fans.

Milan News is one of the most followed papers and the most followed website by AC Milan fans.

Numero Diez is a skilful mix of information, updates, entertainment and content aimed at quenching the thirst for news of many football fans.

Il Post sport section: with authority and explanatory skill, this newspaper explains even more complex issues in a simple, easy way for everyone.

Il giornale d’Italia sport section, featuring up-to-date content with a special focus on all aspects of the world of football, while also looking at other Olympic and winter sports, Formula 1 and MotoGP.

It offers many opportunities for communication, ranging from classic display advertising to more structured projects connected to developing issues linked to the world of sport, such as videos talking about a product or topic, the development of co-branded sections dedicated to an issue agreed with the partner company, or social media operations (from simply relaunching the advertorial up to creating stories and videos specifically for communities on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram and even TikTok)

  • Broad development of issues linked to the world of sport
  • Space for all sports
  • Original, unprecedented editorial formats

Calcio e Finanza

Tutto Mercato Web

Milan News


Foreign market media

The International offer is formed of various economic-financial newspapers that give ample space to issues linked to the world of sport.
They all have a strong identity in common that is widely recognised by readers for the quality and authority of their content.

Display advertising can be created in these newspapers in classic formats as well as special projects produced ad hoc based on clients’ needs.

  • A community that recognises the authority of the newspapers in their respective countries
  • Authoritative, high-quality content
  • Plenty of possibilities for planning ad hoc projects and advertising

Financial Times


Le Parisien

Le Parisien

Le Parisien Week-End


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Fashion, luxury and design

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Technology and Innovation

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