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This is a particularly high-impact and effective initiative to engage the audience and to raise awareness about the client’s topics of interest:

Wiki 24, the words of a changing world, is a tool for anyone who wants to establish themselves as a special point of reference for the audience of their sector while sharing their brand and making a “public service of information for users”.

This format helps give a voice directly to the client, who will be able to explain, through their selected experts, the company’s key concepts and its importance in the relevant sector.

  • Topics chosen by the client
  • An information service
  • The client in their own words

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Radio 24

Us for you

The “Us for You” (Noi per Voi) special project is aimed at creating a process of in-depth analysis on the client’s topics of interest.

We organise the creation of 3 daily appointments, when an expert selected by the client will get the chance to answer the most frequently asked questions by Radio 24 listeners.

  • In-depth analysis
  • Authoritative information
  • Direct communication

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Radio 24

A solution for you

This project involves the creation of 60’’ advertorials, created with valued information, so they are perfectly in keeping with Radio 24’s editorial line.

  • In the first part, the target audience describes itself (a professional, a manager, a craftsman, etc.) and indicates the problem to be resolved (e.g.: clarity about the costs of supplies for their shop, server security for their company, etc.);
  • in the second part, the speaker’s voice indicates the company, the product and the tailor-made solution;
  • at the end, a final section invites people to visit the dedicated website to listen again to the appointments or to get in direct contact with the company.

The “A solution for you” (Una soluzione per te) special project is aimed at creating a direct link between need and solution, giving the possibility:

  • directly to the target audience (a person, a professional category, a company, etc.) to express their needs and problems to be resolved;
  • to the client to establish themselves as a company that can provide effective, tailor-made solutions for real needs.
  • Advertorials
  • Information for the relevant target audience
  • Offering real solutions

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Radio 24

Save the date

This is the Radio 24 format that lets you broadly describe the reasons and topics of an event:

  • the goal of the pre-event communication will be to inform the audience about the event itself and its reason why (to “save the date” in other words);
  • the post-event communication will let the organiser of the event focus on any interesting aspects that emerged and talk about the success of the event.

This project involves setting up different appointments, created with valued information, so they are perfectly in keeping with Radio 24’s editorial line.

  • Providing information on an event
  • Awareness

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Radio 24

5 things to know

The “5 THINGS TO KNOW” (5 COSE DA SAPERE) special project was created from the artistic direction of Radio 24 to present a brand’s unique features and its services, using a listicle to show the main items, new features, offers and advantages offered.

Nowadays, more and more new companies want to show themselves to potential customers, while well-established brands want to offer innovative solutions that can meet the latest market demands.

This format can pick up on various needs and provide an effective solution to talk directly to the target audience, using the typical language of Radio 24 while offering not purely advertising communications but rather service communications.

  • Using listicles
  • Radio style
  • Describing the brand or a product/service

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Radio 24

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