Choosing to communicate on cross-media platforms, such as the 24 ORE Group’s platform, is a useful tool for integrating and expanding industry issues through well-structured, innovative communication systems.

The audience and worlds of 24 ORE System

The worlds of 24 ORE System are a well-structured, innovative communication choice to cater to the audience’s needs, who will find a credible tool to analyse and expand upon any topics of interest on the platforms dedicated to them.

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We explore the new roads of mobility: the market and its future, innovation, strategies and sustainability in a world always on the move.

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We explore a relevant sector for the dynamics of Italy’s economy, aimed at an elite target audience of men and women with a high spending…

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Fashion, luxury and design

We explore the fashion, luxury and design markets and their future among innovation, strategies and, last but not least, sustainability, which…

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We offer a clear, transparent and authoritative economic-financial information service.

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We talk about the Food & Beverage supply chain, a cornerstone of the Italian economy and an outstanding Made in Italy feature.

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We meet the needs of a constantly evolving market by examining scientific aspects, scenarios, products and information, including in terms of…

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We give space to sport, while fully respecting our editorial mission, to pick up on new business opportunities.

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Sustainability and Green Issues

We give space to sustainability, protecting the environment and healthy, conscious living.

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Technology and Innovation

We report every day on the various forms of technological innovation, new trends and future scenarios of digitalisation.

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We explore new roads from food and wine to natural beauty and artistic-cultural heritage

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Brand Connect

The tailor-made communication service by 24 ORE System.

This team offers clients creativity, content and an ear to listen to in order to find the best solutions in a cross-media project that uses the most effective resources.

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The tailor-made communication service by 24 ORE System.