We offer a clear, transparent and authoritative economic-financial information service.

Through the 24 ORE Group’s media, the main publishing group in Italy specialising in the economy, finance and professional publications, 24 ORE System enjoys the largest platform of content and services for both B2C and B2B finance.

This platform is aimed at a highly qualified target audience and at different relevant communities, with distinctive, authoritative content.

Any topics linked to finance and saving are developed not just on the entire platform formed of the Group’s media but also in the third-party media in the portfolio at the agency.

The aim of the platform is to create a go-to resource for all the main players through high-quality, exclusive content. The multimedia aspect and the integration also bring high added value because they make it able to reach companies, institutions and professional categories and, at the same time, the market and consumers.

Il Sole 24 Ore

Finance&Markets, Reports, Plus24

Since 1865, the newspaper has been a comprehensive, in-depth analysis tool for issues linked to financial markets and finance in general, both nationally and internationally.

The Finance&Markets section (Finanza&Mercati), which is one of the three historical core features, offers a selection of the main events of the day and the most important current trends on the markets, from global macroeconomic trends to small Italian caps.

While Reports – compared with the newspaper’s core informative nature – involve in-depth analysis and offer investigations (together with analysis and interviews) which provide an overview of everything that is relevant and have an established annual timetable widely recognised by the investor market.

The offer is enhanced by: Plus24, the savings magazine, an essential tool for savers and savings professionals (consultants, advisers, etc.). Every Saturday, it is the weekly go-to resource for savings and personal finance and through investigative reports, in-depth analysis, focuses and charts, it helps families and investors with assessments to best manage their economic resources.

Finally, the Best Return Award (Premio Alto Rendimento) is the recognition given by Il Sole 24 ORE to management companies and mutual investment funds that have been able to combine the best risk-return ratio, based on selected criteria.

Alongside classic display advertising – from the point of view of advertising opportunities – innovative “formats” are available called “branded content”, which are more advanced than classic advertising, both in terms of content and graphics.

The print content offer is formed of: Read about, News tags, On stage, and Advertorials.

Dossiers can also be created in the newspaper (also transferred online). They are produced by the most prestigious names from Il Sole 24 Ore, with contributions from industry experts.

To discover them all, please see the link below “Press Branded Content”.

  • High-quality, authoritative content
  • Prestigious writers
  • Plenty of opportunities for advanced creative formats

Il Sole 24 Ore Newspaper

Il Sole 24 Ore Newspaper

Finance & Markets

Personal finance by Plus24

Il Sole 24 Ore Newspaper

Plus 24

Press Branded Content

Il Sole 24

Markets and Finance Section, Personal finance by Plus24, Podcasts, Fintech Newsletter is the 24 ORE Group’s digital access channel for economic and financial services and content.

Markets (Mercati) is one of the most visited sections of the website and allows users to stay up-to-date in real time about the performance of stock and bond markets by offering a selection of the most significant trends around.

The Finance section (Finanza) complements and enhances the specific issues dedicated to the world of finance at thanks to content and in-depth analysis on Italian and international listed companies.

It is worth mentioning the sub-section on Fintech and Start-Ups.

Personal finance by Plus24 (Finanza personale by Plus24) digitally strengthens the “Plus24” brand which is already a go-to resource for savings and personal finance. This section creates greater synergy between the paper and digital editions partly thanks to a “more structured informative platform”.

The “Market Mover” (news that moves the markets) and “Crypto” (information and education for a better understanding of the risks and opportunities involved in a new frontier of finance) podcasts are the jewels in the crown for finance reported in an unprecedented and incisive way by Il Sole 24 Ore journalists.

Lastly, Fintech+ is the weekly newsletter (Friday) by Il Sole 24 Ore dedicated to the world of financial technology. It is a tool needed by workers in the sector and savers.

From the point of view of advertising opportunities, alongside classic offers involving display advertising, also offers a series of formats that can be adapted to feature branded content. They can be designed ad hoc for every client’s needs: generally speaking, the goal of these products is to generate more engagement, to reach its audience in an effective and efficient way, and to improve brand image and brand awareness.

It involves digital branded content, digital dossiers and super dossiers, white papers, branded content podcasts, live streaming and digital talks. Please see the links below for more details.

  • Real-time updates
  • Detailed descriptions of a constantly evolving ecosystem
  • Graphics and infographics to understand the sector at a glance


Personal finance by Plus24

Fintech+ Newsletter

Digital Branded Content

Podcast Branded Content

Digital dossiers

Radio 24

Borse in diretta, Due di Denari, Investire informati, Focus Economia, Voci d’impresa, Digital Round Tables (DRT)

Radio 24 offers its listeners a radio station that provides information and in-depth analysis in real time, while its typical business target audience makes it a compulsory choice for B2B company plans. The schedule is well-known and popular among its listeners and others, while some presenters have a fan base with a large number of followers.

Its wealth of content is therefore one of the plus points of Radio 24, which offers a wide range of dedicated financial programmes and initiatives.

Borse in diretta” is a programme which provides live, real-time updates about the performance of financial markets from all around the world. “Due di Denari” is a programme with Debora Rosciani and Mauro Meazza, two journalists who are always ready to tackle and report on various aspects of managing money and savings, relationships with the tax authorities and bureaucracy, work, the home and family.

“Due di denari” also includes the “Investire informati” weekly feature on Thursdays, dedicated to the world of asset management, but the real flagship programme of Radio 24 when it comes to finance is “Focus Economia”, a daily programme dedicated to in-depth analysis of current affairs, economic and financial issues, created with the main figures from the day’s financial-economic news and with contributions from Il Sole 24 ORE analysts and journalists, hosted by Sebastiano Barisoni.

Finally, there is space for small and large entrepreneurs, companies in the north and south of Italy, new business and tradition on the programme: “Voci d’impresa”.

When it comes to the DRT, the schedule is packed with offers dedicated to the world of finance: “Finanza sostenibile”, “Pir ieri oggi e domani”, “Previdenza integrativa”, “Viaggio nel mondo degli NFT”, “Parola d’ordine: Megatrend” and “Investire nel 2024”. Through a very popular format with the public, two of the most well-known and loved journalists in the world of finance at Radio 24 (Debora Rosciani and Mauro Meazza) accompany listeners through all the news and major changes in the world of finance, serving as a careful and thorough guide so they can find their way.

Alongside programme sponsorship, Radio 24 provides many formats whose main goal is in-depth analysis of the client’s topics of interest, organised into many aspects, such as the structure of a service offered or a company success story and much more.

More details on the content offer formats can be found at the links below. They include: Wiki24, Noi x voi, Save the date, Una soluzione per te, Voce alle trimestrali, Laboratorio di radiofonia, the “le eccellenze italiane” project and the storytelling project.

Digital Round Tables (DRT) can also be sponsored by a single client.

Podcasts can be sponsored or produced ad hoc based on the client’s needs.

Please see the links below for more information on initiatives and projects.

  • Programmes well-known by listeners
  • In-depth information that helps people find their way in the financial sector
  • Real help for listeners in understanding the main financial instruments

Radio 24

Radio 24



Radio 24 App

Radio 24

Special initiatives and events

Radio Branded Content

Audio Content Strategy

Podcast Branded Content


Themed newsletters

Real-time financial, economic and political information from Il Sole 24 ORE is entrusted to themed Newsletters by Radiocor: Finance and much more, Energy, Food, ESG, EU Funds, Health, Real Estate, Local Bodies and Public Administration, and Law Firms, with the possibility of customising them with a tailor-made offer.

  • Discussions among the main players on the financial market
  • Analysis of current affairs issues, such as technological innovation and financial brokerage
  • Information through interviews with experts and workers in the sector


24ORE Eventi

TuttoRisparmio, Fintech day, Insurance Summit, ESG Investment Summit

24ORE Eventi offers an extensive schedule
dedicated to the world of finance, which is comprehensively addressed: from asset management to technological innovation in finance, from the insurance market to ESG issues.

TuttoRisparmio”: this event is developed in collaboration with the Plus24 Il Sole 24 Ore editorial team, with the goal of creating a system of the main players on the asset management market.

Fintech Day”: this event aims to
examine the relationship between technological innovation and financial brokerage in various respects and with the latest news.

Insurance Summit”: this long-standing event now in its twenty-fourth edition is an unmissable appointment for all the players
on the insurance market in Italy.

ESG Investment Summit”. Thanks to the
involvement of industry experts, this event reviews the situation
in Italy regarding how environmental and healthcare issues have changed the approach to saving and investments.

Alongside the possibilities for classic sponsorship (of each event) offering different “levels” of participation (main partner, official partner or event partner) depending on the investment, 24ORE Eventi works as a content provider and is recognised on the market as a successful event producer (the formulas include: tailor-made and topics). It offers various types of opportunities to use these events (live events, interactive 24, live streaming 24, live & digital). For more details about these offers, please visit the 24ORE Eventi website: click here.

  • An extensive schedule dedicated to the world of finance
  • Discussions among industry experts
  • Analysis of the main trends in the financial sector

24 ORE Eventi

Italian third-party websites

Dagospia, GreenMe, Il Foglio

The digital network offers a series of properties that stand out with their sections or initiatives dedicated to the world of finance.

Dagospia is an essential go-to resource for opinion-leaders and decision-makers who want the news first and to know the background behind the main events, including in the financial and economic world: this has led it to acquire a large cross-sector following (and always growing) with a user profile in exceptional positions in all the main socio-demographic clusters.

GreenMe tackles key issues in the whole world of finance and energy with the green economy section. Green Me could therefore be the best partner for adding value and giving a voice to companies that choose to be “kind to the Planet”, including from the point of view of sustainable finance.

Il Foglio. The pragmatic and liberal spirit is important to understand the world of the economy. The Economics section is certainly one of the most important ones, strong in its analysis of its principal industrial settings and the exclusive knowledge of its economy and its main protagonist in the Italian and international financial world.

It offers many communication opportunities, ranging from classic display advertising to more structured projects connected to developing financial issues.

  • A focus on the Green Economy
  • Real help to understand the world of finance
  • Innovative and dynamic formats

Digital Branded Content


Financial Times, Les Echos, El Economista, Borsen, Finansavisen, Vedomosti

The International offer is formed of various economic-financial newspapers that give ample space to issues linked to finance.

From the Financial Times, the biggest economic-financial newspaper with an international circulation, to Les Echos released in France (and the Investir weekly publication), along with El Economista in Spain, Borsen in Germany and Vedomosti in Russia.

They all have a strong identity in common that is widely recognised by readers for the quality and authority of their content.

Display advertising can be created in these newspapers in classic formats as well as special projects produced ad hoc based on clients’ needs.

  • Leading newspapers in tune with their business target audience
  • Recognised by readers as work tools
  • Quality analysis of national and international markets

Financial Times

Les Echos

Les Echos


El Economista




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Sustainability and Green Issues

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Fashion, luxury and design

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Technology and Innovation

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