Digital Talks


In its digital version, HTSI is another chance for brand partners to REACH THEIR TARGET AUDIENCE with different TOUCH POINTS, strengthening their positioning thanks to the link with the print newspaper and

DIGITAL TALKS are sponsorable editorial meetings streamed live for about one hour, run by the HTSI ITALIA EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, which tackle a topic with HTSI’s typical tone of voice, while also giving space to interviews and celebrities who are stars in their RESPECTIVE WORLDS.

They have a strong EXPERIENCE-BASED COMPONENT with lots to discover and are aimed at an audience that is naturally profiled by its interests; they are real TAILOR-MADE MOMENTS dedicated to what is worth experiencing and enjoying.

The LIVE COVERAGE OF THE TALK happens on a dedicated stream and is also announced on social media. At the end of the meeting, the content is published and made available always on the Stream area. Digital talks are naturally promoted and also announced through HTSI’s social media accounts.

  • Integration with the magazine
  • Tailor-made content
  • Social media amplification

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