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The community and platform of the Sole System for the Travel sector

While always focused on economic dynamics, the 24 ORE Group offers an integrated information system which, with the newspaper, website, radio and magazine, covers all aspects of the TRAVEL sector, catering to both workers and travel lovers.

Through the media of the 24 ORE Group and a select group of third-party publishers, 24 ORE System is the perfect communication partner for all the main people in the sector.

Il Sole 24 Ore

Viaggi 24 Weekend, Reports, Dossiers

Viaggi24 Weekend is a specific section that enriches the information on Sunday by Il Sole 24 Ore, reporting on the world of travel from the point of view of companies in the sector and new products.

This Sunday publication offers tours among craft shops without forgetting outstanding food and wine, because we are poets and explorers, but also gourmands waiting to rediscover good food and wine.

Reports involve in-depth analysis and offer investigations (together with analysis and interviews) which provide an overview of everything that is relevant for the Travel sector and have an established annual timetable widely recognised by the investor market.

Alongside classic display advertising – from the point of view of advertising opportunities – innovative “formats” are available called “branded content” (print content offer), which are more advanced than classic advertising, both in terms of content and graphics.

The print content offer is formed of: Read about, News tags, On stage, and Advertorials.

Dossiers can also be created in the newspaper (also transferred online). They are produced by the most prestigious names from Il Sole 24 Ore, with contributions from industry experts. To discover them all, please see the link below “Press Branded Content”.

  • Constantly updated industry data
  • Targeted analysis
  • Constant discussion thanks to communities in the Travel sector

Il Sole 24 Ore Newspaper

Viaggi 24

Press Branded Content

Il Sole 24

Viaggi 24, Video Format

Travel (Viaggi) is one of the sections of about lifestyle which, through regular updates and in-depth analysis, tackles a series of topics about the tourism sector and industry.

This section is mainly formed of six areas/sub-sections that – based on the relevant macro-topics – tackle a series of current affairs content: they not only involve destination suggestions, but also tips and ideas for sustainable tourism as well as in-depth analysis on the entire sector and supply chain from an economic perspective.

Big Trips, Weekends, City Breaks, Ideas and Locations, Exhibitions & Events, and Travel Diaries are the main sections for all the organised content. Galleries and videos also enhance and expand this section’s editorial offer.

The content offer of therefore includes a series of products created ad hoc for the digital side. Generally speaking, the goal of these products is to generate more engagement, to reach its audience in an effective and efficient way, and to improve brand image and brand awareness.
It involves digital branded content, digital dossiers and super dossiers, white papers, branded content podcasts, live streaming and digital talks. Please see the links below for more details.

  • Real-time updates
  • Accurate analysis of a constantly evolving ecosystem
  • Interviews with industry experts


White papers

Live streaming

Super Dossier

Digital dossiers

Podcast Branded Content

Audio Content Strategy

Digital Branded Content


HTSI, Weekend Newsletter

HTSI has always focused on issues linked to the world of travel: alongside opportunities for planning classic advertising, various formats can be created with the magazine, such as: “advertorials“, “special features” (all editorial content) inside the magazine itself, “created for“, “advertising content” (a digital version is also possible) right up to creating “How to” events that help describe the reality of a brand by using the Magazine’s know-how.

Through a newsletter, HTSI also offers its readers a selection of news to read in their free time or to make plans, with a guide to the most interesting and original experiences all about the good life.
Your go-to resource from travel to food, from beauty to the world of art, from fashion to cars and motorbikes.

  • Reports on trends and changes in the travel sector
  • Interviews with leading figures in a driving sector for the Italian economy
  • Analysis of constantly new ways of understanding travel



How to

Radio 24

Grand Tour, the “Eccellenze d’Italia: voce dalle regioni” Podcast, Digital Round Tables (DRT)

“Grand Tour” is a programme that reports on a different Italian region in each episode alternating service information with a more narrative approach, with suggestions and advice on well-known and lesser known places to discover, including through bike tour routes.

The “Eccellenze d’Italia” Podcast describes the outstanding features of Italian regions, such as their characteristic areas and people that make them unique in the world. They will be described through leading local figures, who will accompany listeners on a journey to explore these outstanding regional features.

Alongside classic programme sponsorship, Radio 24 provides many formats that make up the “content offer” and whose main goal is in-depth analysis of the client’s topics of interest, organised into many aspects, such as the structure of a service offered or a company success story and much more.

The formats of the content offer include: Wiki24, Noi x voi, Save the date, Una soluzione per te, Voce alle trimestrali, Laboratorio di radiofonia, the “le eccellenze italiane” project and the storytelling project. The link below is available for more details.
Digital Round Tables (DRT) can also be sponsored by a single client. Podcasts can be sponsored or produced ad hoc based on the client’s needs. Please see the links below for more information on initiatives and projects.

  • Programmes well-known by listeners
  • In-depth information that helps people find their way in the Travel sector
  • Real help for listeners in understanding ways of travelling safely

Radio 24

Radio 24

Special initiatives and events

Radio 24


Radio Branded Content


Themed Newsletters

This newsletter from the Radiocor information agency provides real-time specialist information for people who work in the automotive sector with news about the main companies, trade/industry associations, rankings and regulations.

Special attention is paid to trends in the travel sector.

The News Feed can be offered to the client in content providing mode as a flow of information or integrated into project activities.

  • Discussions among the main players in the Travel sector
  • Flexible content providing suitable for any communication needs
  • Interviews with experts and workers in the Travel sector


Italian third-party websites

Il Post, GreenMe, Famiglia Cristiana, DeabyDay

Il Post: this newspaper is seen by its loyal users as an essential guide for all their interests with full coverage, while the tourism section in Il Post is different because it does not report on the usual tours but when it talks about the more famous destinations, it does so by inviting readers to discover more unusual and curious aspects.
GreenMe: this tourism section is one of the most loved by readers because it includes guides and in-depth analysis on both WHERE to go (with advice on the most beautiful natural destinations and on particular cities or tours that have turned sustainability into one of their hallmark features, both in Italy and in Europe or around the world) and on HOW to enjoy a greener and more environmentally-friendly holiday.
Famiglia Cristiana develops content from an interactive and multimedia perspective from the newspaper of the same name by the SanPaolo Group, a go-to resource for Italian Catholics.
DeabyDay is a web magazine which supports modern women with service content, in-depth analysis of lifestyles and society, as well as tutorials that pick up on the main trends.

It offers many digital communication opportunities, ranging from classic display advertising to more structured projects connected to developing travel issues.

Il Post offers three formats which are particularly well suited to the Travel sector:
• “Spiegato Bene”: these are not classic advertorials but rather articles created together with the publisher who reworks the material provided by the client to produce in-depth analysis of the agreed destination/location.

• PostCards: i.e. special galleries published on Il Post’s Instagram page with a huge following, with selected pictures that best convey the beauty and typical features of the location.

• Social Stories: these are stories with pictures and reports including reference links/swipes to “Spiegato Bene”, promoted through Instagram and Facebook pages.

Famiglia Cristiana aims to work with the editorial team and clients (local promotional and/or tourism agencies) to create one or several “editorial trails” to show a tourist destination, with the possibility of organising content based on three different styles:
either tourism “for the family”: reports on travel and trips about nature, culture and art;
or “religious” tourism: reports on spiritual and pilgrimage places, or holy routes;
or “health and well-being” tourism: reports about destinations with a focus on improving “health” and “physical and mental well-being”.

  • Original, unprecedented formats to examine all aspects of Travel topics
  • Themed events linked to the world of travel
  • Tailor-made events and projects to meet all the needs of clients in the Travel sector


Foreign market media

The International offer is formed of various newspapers that give ample space to issues linked to the travel sector.
They all have a strong identity in common that is widely recognised by readers for the quality and authority of their content.

Display advertising can be created in these newspapers in classic formats as well as special projects produced ad hoc based on clients’ needs.

  • A community that recognises the authority of the newspapers in their respective countries
  • Authoritative, high-quality content
  • Plenty of possibilities for planning ad hoc projects and advertising

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