Fashion, luxury and design

We explore the fashion, luxury and design markets and their future among innovation, strategies and, last but not least, sustainability, which is increasingly a hallmark feature across the board of a world always on the move.

The community and platform of the Sole System for the fashion, luxury and design sectors

As one of the most important sectors for the Italian economy, all aspects of outstanding Made in Italy products, fashion, luxury and design are organised across the board with regards to the 24 ORE Group’s subjects, with in-depth analysis both for companies in the sector and consumers.

Dedicated publications are created across all media, from paper to online newspapers, from radio to events, with a platform-based approach, while the content is organised to make it easier for users to find.

Selling advertising space in third-party newspapers has allowed 24 ORE System to reach other audiences across the board that are interested in issues in the two sectors, with a new tone of voice that completes the portfolio of communication opportunities for clients.

Il Sole 24 Ore

Moda 24, Reports and Dossiers

Moda 24 reports on it with a renewed focus: alongside economic-financial analysis, more space is given to interviews with leading figures and reports on current global changes.

Furthermore, there are new columns with information about changes at the top creative and managerial jobs in the sector as well as a section that monitors interesting points and best practices from around the world.

Moda 24 also contains analysis, interviews with leading figures and reports about current global changes.
There are then Reports – in-depth analysis and investigations (together with analysis and interviews) – which enrich the overview of everything that is relevant for the fashion, luxury and design sectors and have an established annual timetable widely recognised by the investor market.

Alongside classic display advertising – from the point of view of advertising opportunities – innovative “formats” are available called “branded content”, which are more advanced than classic advertising, both in terms of content and graphics. The print content offer is formed of: Read about, News tags, On stage, and Advertorials.

Dossiers can also be created in the newspaper (also transferred online). They are produced by the most prestigious names from Il Sole 24 Ore, with contributions from industry experts. To discover them all, please see the link below “Press Branded Content”.

  • Constantly updated industry data
  • Targeted analysis
  • Continuous discussion thanks to strategic communities in the fashion, luxury and design sectors

Il Sole 24 Ore Newspaper


Press Branded Content

Il Sole 24

Fashion Section, HTSI Section

Fashion (Moda) is the section dedicated to the world of fashion and luxury and the entire sector, which has always been a driving force and one of the most important ones for Italy and elsewhere.
This channel is aimed at a B2B and B2C target audience and is at its best in the 6 editorial sub-sections formed of:
• Economy and Finance
• Company Histories
• Innovation
• Beauty and Well-Being
• Luxury
• Fashion Shows

The HTSI section is fully integrated into, but it still keeps the clear distinctive features of one of the most recognised magazines on the Italian and international scene.

There is plenty of content inside that gives space to fashion, cosmetics but also everything outside the sector, from design to art, from auctions to collecting, as well as travel, technology, cars, boats, fine dining and wine.

From the point of view of advertising opportunities alongside classic offers, involving display advertising, also offers a series of formats that can be adapted to feature branded content. They can be designed ad hoc for every client’s needs.

The content offer of therefore includes a series of products created ad hoc for the digital side. Generally speaking, the goal of these products is to generate more engagement, to reach its audience in an effective and efficient way, and to improve brand image and brand awareness.

It involves digital branded content, digital dossiers and super dossiers, white papers, branded content podcasts, live streaming and digital talks. Please see the links below for more details.

  • Real-time updates
  • Detailed descriptions of a constantly evolving ecosystem
  • Graphics and infographics to understand the sectors at a glance


Digital Talks

Video Forum Live Streaming

Digital Branded Content

Digital dossiers

Super Dossier

White papers

Audio Content Strategy

Live streaming


HTSI, Arbiter, Kairos, Prima Comunicazione

HTSI is an iconic brand. Founded in Italy in 2014 thanks to a collaboration with the Financial Times International Group which has been publishing the English version of the magazine for years.

It has an educated, high-spending readership that is interested in smart investments in beauty, well-being and personal and social images: fashion and cosmetics, design and art, collecting and travel, technology, cars, boats, fine dining and wine.

Alongside opportunities for planning classic advertising, various formats can be created with the magazine, such as: “advertorials“, “special features” (all editorial content) inside the magazine itself, “created for“, “advertising content” (a digital version is also possible) right up to creating “How to” events that help describe the reality of a brand by using the Magazine’s know-how.

Through a newsletter, HTSI also offers its readers a selection of news to read in their free time or to make plans, with a guide to the most interesting and original experiences all about the good life.
Your go-to resource from fashion to cars and motorbikes, from travel to food, from beauty to the world of art.

Arbiter was founded in 1935 to report on all forms of the then growing Italian industry of beauty, therefore dedicating Italian creativity and ingenuity as the cornerstones of a unique lifestyle that could take over the world.

Kairos is the newspaper to seize “the right moment” and to get the best out of your interests through high-quality, beautiful watches, an icon of luxury, design and Made in Italy products.

Prima Comunicazione (First Communication) is the monthly publication which, with investigative reports, interviews and documentation services, connects people who work, invest, plan and make decisions in the world of the media.

Alongside opportunities for classic advertising, ad hoc communication projects can be designed and created based on clients’ needs.

  • A focus on trends and news for topics in the fashion, luxury and design sectors
  • High-spending target audience with a strong socio-demographic profile
  • Opportunities for streamlined, diversified communication



Topics and Special Issues

How to



Prima Comunicazione

Radio 24

Live Events, Digital Round Tables (DRT), Podcasts

For Radio 24, events and exhibitions have always formed a priceless opportunity for engagement with its audience.

Any programmes considered more in line with the event are broadcast from an ad hoc set-up station.
The Radio 24 content offer includes – alongside programme sponsorship – many formats whose main goal is in-depth analysis of the client’s topics of interest, organised into many aspects, such as the structure of a service offered or a company success story and much more.
One new feature – in terms of the content offer – is the “Laboratorio di radiofonia” (Radio Lab) which works with the client to produce an advert in the Radio’s studios. Regarding the content offer formats, more details can be found at the links below; they include: Wiki24, Noi x voi, Save the date, Una soluzione per te, Voce alle trimestrali, Laboratorio di radiofonia, the “le eccellenze italiane” project and the storytelling project.
Digital Round Tables (DRT) can also be sponsored by a single client. Podcasts can be sponsored or produced ad hoc based on the client’s needs. Please see the links below for more information on initiatives and projects.

  • Programmes and a schedule well-known by listeners
  • In-depth information and news about economic-political situations in real time
  • Real help for listeners in understanding the main changes and trends in every area

Radio 24

Special initiatives and events

Radio 24

Radio 24


Radio 24 App


Interview Videos

Radiocor offers the fashion, luxury and design sector: interview videos aimed at a representative of the Client about the context and the economic and financial scenario in the sector for the Customer’s channels, including the possibility of circulation online.

The features of this format are flexibility, the strong visibility from sharing on social media channels and on the Brand Connect digital hub, as well as the presence of qualified, select writers in the sector.

  • The main players in the fashion, luxury and design sector
  • Analysis of the main trends in the sector
  • Information through interviews with experts and workers in the sector


24ORE Eventi

Luxury Summit, Made in Italy Summit

Luxury Summit aims to cover all aspects of the main current affairs issues and trends concerning luxury brands, from sustainability to globalisation of markets, from financial instruments to e-commerce and the growing role of technology. All of this is brought together through big interviews, discussions and debates among market leaders and the biggest Italian and international experts.
Made in Italy summit. Alongside reviewing the situation in sectors of Made in Italy excellence, this new edition will also open up opportunities offered by foreign markets to Italian industries and will report on success stories from Italian SMEs that work in niche sectors in Italian exports.

Alongside the possibilities for classic sponsorship (of each event) offering different “levels” of participation (main partner, official partner or event partner) depending on the investment, 24ORE Eventi works as a content provider and is recognised on the market as a successful event producer (the formulas include: tailor-made and topics). It offers various types of opportunities to use these events (live events, interactive 24, live streaming 24, live & digital). For more details about these offers, please visit the 24ORE Eventi website: click here.

  • Diverse, cross-sector initiatives
  • Possibility of reaching different target audiences
  • Authority and presence of the best industry experts

24 ORE Eventi

Italian third-party websites

The Network Web is composed by the sites of the Group ( and ) togher with the third-party editor’s sites and the YouTube channel of DNA Network.

The quality of the 24ORE System media portfolio, together with the ability to offer exclusive media, projects and creativity, are the strengths of an innovative and constantly evolving communication offer.

Il foglio. un media strategico per il comparto della moda che raggiunge un target ben posizionato e con buona capacità di spesa. Sul sito è presente la sezione del sito dedicata al settore, «Il Foglio della Moda», con approfondimenti sui trend, le sfilate e le aziende più in vista del settore.

  • Innovative formats and a content factory for fashion, luxury and design
  • Facts and the biggest celebrities in the world of women connected to the sector
  • Editorial projects created ad hoc for a wide range of communication needs

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Foreign market media

The International offer is formed of various economic-financial newspapers that give ample space to issues linked to the automotive sector.
They all have a strong identity in common that is widely recognised by readers for the quality and authority of their content.

Display advertising can be created in these newspapers in classic formats as well as special projects produced ad hoc based on clients’ needs.

  • A community that recognises the authority of the newspapers in their respective countries
  • Authoritative, high-quality content
  • Plenty of possibilities for planning ad hoc projects and advertising

Financial Times


Les Echos


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Sustainability and Green Issues

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Technology and Innovation

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Brand Connect

The tailor-made communication service by 24 ORE System.

This team offers clients creativity, content and an ear to listen to in order to find the best solutions in a cross-media project that uses the most effective resources.

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