It is the marketing department of 24ORE System responsible for supporting the sales team, created to add value to our marketing services.

Perceptiveness, creativity, curiosity, perseverance and determination.

In other words, a big ability to listen to the customers needs with the aim of finding the best solutions among the media available in the portfolio of our Agency.

It studies cross-media projects. It creates areas of opportunity between clients and editorial products. Interconnects social knowledge, creative abilities, project managements to provide communication solutions to its own clients.

Brand Connect studies formats and concepts, deploys projects with the collaboration of the Publisher, develops creativity; for successful advertising campaign needing more engagement, social connections and a deeper diffusion within the target audience.

Brand Connect counts on its specific skills - thanks to the long experience in this field during the years and the constant updating - for the creation of tailor-made projects based on the customers request; it also carries out accounting and reporting tasks on the realized projects.

Not only for the creativity and strategy but also for the product-previews and the specific contacts which we can ensure beside the assistance of our content management and the assurance of a premium positioning.

We help you understand the entire system of Il Sole 24 Ore providing you with important contacts with the publisher and showing you the various opportunities related to the media portfolio.

We help you create added value for your brand by ensuring to your product the most suitable positioning among our media.

We locate among the advertising spaces those more suitable for your campaign and with the collaboration of the publisher we make sure that new ones are always created.

Furthermore, we create brand-new solutions based on our constant benchmarking and on the analysis of the best practice models in the advertising sector.

If required we start from your own idea on the communication project and we study and evaluate for you the best product of 24ORE System.