White papers


White papers are real studies produced ad hoc for anyone who needs to communicate to their target audience through exclusive, authoritative content. The result is original, independent research, and as such, it is not about the client or their products; its purpose is to offer a content marketing service, the content of which is of great interest to its target reader.

Created with the same quality standards of editorial production as Info Data, Il Sole 24 Ore’s section dedicated to data journalism, they are becoming a very useful tool for sharing relevant and valuable text and visual content about the brand or the product/service in order to create more engagement and to improve its reputation.

To guarantee a result to the highest standards, the Info Data editorial team are focused on the topic and target audience, so they can then independently develop a special white paper in all its parts.

The client helps create the product with their own content (advertising boxes, introduction, etc.), agreeing on the subject, topics and target audience while also approving the graphic design.

The same content can then be used by the client for their own platforms or for other publicity purposes.

  • An ad hoc study for the client
  • Original, independent content
  • Publicity purposes

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