“Treccani says it” is a refrain that we hear every day in the common language and in the media, because even after 100 years the Treccani represents the source of the most reliable and recognized knowledge and knowledge.

This is because Treccani is still today the largest Italian cultural enterprise (whose president is appointed directly by the President of the Republic), which since 1925 (the date of the creation of the first Italian Encyclopedia, still unanimously considered the most authoritative) accompanies the history of Italy becoming a testimony of Italian cultural identity but also a sure guide in the discovery of the contemporary world.

Treccani’s work has always been characterized by a profound critical rigor in all its scientific and cultural analyzes, an approach consolidated over time that becomes even more valuable for today’s world: the current infinite multiplication of information sources makes it even more significant is being recognized as a unique and undisputed authority of knowledge.



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