Il Sole 24 ORE

Il Sole 24 ORE, is the most popular and best-selling newspaper of 24 ORE Group: the business daily with the highest circulation in Europe, leader in business, financial and regulatory information and key driver of the high brand profile of the Group’s operations as a whole.

The 24 ORE Group is a multimedia publishing organization specialized in business, financial, professional and cultural information and it is owned by Confindustria, the main organization representing Italian manufacturing and services companies founded in 1910.

The newspaper is organized in a single section and the pages of “Finance & Markets” are in continuity with those of “Economics & Business”, which contributes to strengthening the relationship between finance and the economy, the banking system and the business world. the ties that characterize the international economic system stand out.

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The weekly schedule

Il Sole extends its editorial offer by searching for new themes that can guarantee a different newspaper for each day of the week. Every day, from Monday to Sunday, the newspaper has therefore 2 pages dedicated to a specific and distinct theme, with the aim of creating a new line of observatories on topics crucial for the different managerial functions in companies and among professionals, becoming more the indispensable daily work tool.

Monday: “.professioni” and “.casa”, which maximize the information dedicated to professionals.
The Monday edition is also the “weekly magazine of professionals”, of the house, of the “Guida Rapida” (a weekly monographic insert that each time will offer a practical overview on a specific topic), and “L’Esperto risponde” (renewed tabloid format, to present immediately browsable and usable). Finally, there is the weekly in-depth analysis “Norme & Tributi” which presents a strong specialization.

Tuesday: “.salute”, pages dedicated to the health and wellness sector. From biotechnology to genomics, from the dynamics of the pharmaceutical sector to high-tech sectors.

Wednesday: “. Work”. The focus shifts to company dynamics related to the subject, from contracts to corporate welfare, from recruitment to training. Objective: to reach all those who deal with human resource management in companies.

Thursday: “nò”. “Nòva”, in fact, is doubled. On Thursdays, the pages focus on technological innovations that can have an immediate impact on business management and will be aimed at those who need to take advantage of technological innovations in business processes, while on Sunday the objective looks at the border issues of innovation, with a look on the future.

Friday: “.moda”. Under scrutiny, the creativity of our country (and not only) with character interviews and reports on trends and changes, even at a global level. Without forgetting the industrial dimension of a sector that has become a driving force in our system. And for all sectors, a common element: maximum attention to travel and chair transfers, corporate reorganization and strengthening.

Saturday: “.food”. 2 pages section dedicated to food & beverage. And a section dedicatet to “marketing”, which delves into the issues related to communication strategies that are adopted by companies, in terms of advertising and management choices.

Sunday: “.lifestyle”, which opens to the themes of good living and well-being: from trips to food and wine, from experiences of living to wellness. On Sundays, it also contains the historical cultural insert.
Sunday also features the “Sport & Business” column, which deals with the hottest topics of the various sports, re-reading them from an economic and industrial viewpoint, favoring international comparison and offering an overview of all the related industries that move around sporting events.

The graphics

The font is called “Sole 24 Serif”, accompanied by the “Sole 24 Sans” stick version for the graphics and the complementary elements of the page.

The graphics are intended to favor an immediate and accessible reading, to help the evolution of information towards synthesis and specialization and to confirm Il Sole 24 Ore as a leading newspaper in Italian and European economic and financial information.

The layout is 7 columns and the largest body is combined with a major line. These solutions allow a clearer hierarchy of news in the page, make the articles more readable and the newspaper more orderly and clear in the display of contents.

The reference target of the Sole 24 ORE has always been made up of high socio-cultural users, with income levels above the average of readers of other newspapers.

Il Sole 24 Ore is the ideal planning context for the b2b and professional world, for those looking for an average confirmation of the authoritativeness and prestige of their brand. It connects the socio-cultural elites of the country and is therefore a tool for the communication of consumer products and institutional communication aimed at an evolved audience.

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Publisher: Il Sole 24 ORE S.p.A.
Editor-in-chief: Fabio Tamburini
Frequency: daily

circulation and readership

Total circulation (print + digital): 145.685 Digital copies circulation: 91.187 (Source: ADS November 2020)   Readership: 742,000 readers (source: Audipress 2020.II - paper and/or replication).

Gender Male 63% Female 37%
Qualification Degree 47% High School 43%
Socio demographic profile Entrepreneurs, executives, professionals 41%
Geopraphic area North West 36% North East 16% Centre 21% South and Islands 27%



Front page positions

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vertical mm 154h x 100w
horizontal mm 128h x 152w
square mm 101h x 204w