Il Sole 24 ORE

Il Sole 24 Ore represents a tool for a complete and in-depth analysis of the facts and issues of Italian and international politics, economics, legislation and financial markets, a point of reference for professionals, savers and families.

Its layout is the expression of a socio-economic context that requires a further rationalization effort.

The first page is the mirror of the day, it immediately orients the reader.

The first part of the newspaper continues with the in-depth analysis of Primo Piano, Economics and International Politics. The following pages are on comments: the choices and the factual decisions, detached from the tone of the news.

Then the historical sections of the newspaper: Imprese & Territori which enters into the heart of the real economy with particular regard to its protagonists. With vertical pages and thematic dossiers it tells the most relevant stories.

Finanza & Mercati that gives a look at the markets through news and insights ranging from Italy to international finance, regulatory issues, the bond market and the commodity market.

Norme & Tributi with all the updates and forecasts regarding taxation, labor, justice, public administration and economic law.

The pages of Indici & Numeri -a fundamental reference for companies and savings – close the newspaper.

The weekly schedule

Every day Il Sole 24 Ore maintains with vertical pages the in-depth analysis about the most relevant issues for economic and productive activities, building a complete program that is unique in the Italian scenario, guaranteeing a different newspaper for each day of the week.

Every day, from Monday to Sunday, the newspaper has pages dedicated to a specific and distinct theme, with the aim of creating a focus on crucial issues for the different managerial functions in companies and among professionals, becoming even more the indispensable daily work tool.

Monday: the day dedicated to professionals with “Professioni 24”.

The Monday edition with “Real Estate 24” and “Edilizia e Ristrutturazioni” represents the weekly for the the real estate sector with the news of interest and specific insights, analysis and monitoring of the “housing sector”.

Scuola 24” – into the Monday edition – is the weekly for the education sector that today – more than ever – is at the center of debates and in continuous evolution; while “Marketing 24” explores the issues related to communication strategies that are adopted by companies, in terms of advertising and management choices.

On Mondays we also offer an in-depth report with the “Guida Rapida” (a weekly monographic insert that will offer a practical overview on a specific topic), and “L’Esperto Risponde“.

Tuesday “Salute 24”, are pages dedicated to the health and wellness sector. From biotechnology to genomics, from the dynamics of the pharmaceutical sector to high-tech sectors.

Wednesday “Lavoro 24”. From contracts to corporate welfare, from recruitment to training: the purpose is to reach all those who deal with human resources management in companies.

Thursday “Nò 24”. The focus is on technological innovations that can have an immediate impact on business management and will be aimed at those who should benefit from technological innovations in business processes.

Friday “Moda 24” with interviews and reports on trends and changes. Without forgetting the industrial dimension of a sector that has now become a driving force in our system. And for all sectors, a common element: maximum attention to management changes in big companies and corporate reorganizations.

Saturday “Food 24” are pages dedicated to the topics of food & beverage and “Motori 24” with in-depth analysis of all the news in the sector from investments in “electrict” to the new generations of the hybrid.

Sunday. The vertical sections are linked together by the wording «Weekend»: “Viaggi 24” focused on the world of travel from the point of view of companies in the sector; “Arredo e Design 24” to anticipate market trends; the “High tech24” in-depth study on product innovations, with a focus on market news, “Nova24Scenari” looks at the themes of innovation and “Sport 24” which addresses the hottest topics of the various sports disciplines offering an overview of all the related activities that move around sports events.

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The format and graphics

With the 35×53 cm format, the Sole 24 Ore is more compact and manageable. The layout highlights the re-proportioning of the pages that acquire a “vertical style”. Thanks to a clearer positioning of the news the readability is improved. Furthermore the larger body character combined with a greater line spacing guarantees the best reading experience.

The reference target of Il Sole 24 ORE has always been made up of high socio-cultural readers, with income levels above the average of the readers of other newspapers. Il Sole 24 Ore is the ideal planning context for the b2b and professional world, it connects with the socio-cultural elites of the country and is therefore a tool for the communication of consumer products and institutional communication aimed at an advanced public.

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Publisher: Il Sole 24 ORE S.p.A.
Editor-in-chief: Fabio Tamburini
Frequency: daily

circulation and readership

Total circulation (print + digital): 139.757 Digital copies circulation: 87.104 (Source: ADS May 2022)   Readership: 694,000 readers (source: Audipress 2022.I - paper and/or replication).

Gender Male 64% Female 36%
Qualification Degree 42% High School 47%
Socio demographic profile Entrepreneurs, executives, professionals 34%
Geopraphic area North West 33% North East 22% Centre 20% South and Islands 25%



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