The section dedicated to food and Made in Italy delicacies

The aim of the Food section is to analyse the economy and stories about Made in Italy delicacies linked to agri-food, with a special focus on new company development models, innovation, sustainability and traceability. Changes are also examined in consumption, sales systems and product distribution.

The subsections include:

  • Food economy covers economic news from agri-food sectors, initiatives by companies and consortiums, the raw material market, the supply chain, product certification and safety, regulations and rulings, labelling, organic food and GMOs, careers and employment, training, and kitchen appliances.
  • Agribusiness covers major food companies, industry, medium-large sized enterprises and satellite activities, non-alcoholic drinks, strong spirits, import-export, industry 4.0, research and innovation, distribution, logistics and machinery.
  • Wine covers producers, the supply chain, labels, brands, wineries, development and innovation, as well as any cross-sector topics with other sections that only involve the wine sector.
  • The Made in Italy section focuses on Italian delicacies, business stories, farmers, restaurateurs, food and nutrition professionals, new products, trade shows, events, food culture and awards.


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