Ticketone DEM

Material required for sending
  1. DEM Subject
  2. HTML
  3. Images
The HTML code must NOT contain
  1. Images on the “body background” or “table background” because many desktop clients (for example Outlook) will not show them
  2. JavaScript code or JavaScript code points, or Videos
  3. “Map area” on images
The HTML code MAY contain
  1. Styles both in the header and inline in tags in the body
  2. background colour

The material must be formed of images and text. Sending a single image as the content of the DEM affects the results you want to achieve because it will be blocked by anti-spam filters and because automatic image downloading is not always enabled.

MeasurementsFile size: 100 kB
Maximum width allowed: 600 px
SpecificationsThe subject of the DEM cannot have more than 70 characters (including spaces).
The HTML must be client-compatible and well-formatted.
If the images are not hosted on a third-party server, please send them in a compressed file (.zip)
Please indicate the email addresses for sending approval tests
If applicable, please include the tracking details (pixel impressions and click command) in the HTML
NotesPlease always insert an “alt tag” for the images and assign clear and comprehensible file names (eg. promozione.png instead of image01.png).
Please use correct type character encoding.
Sending material

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