Art and nature to live better

Art as an opportunity for travel, nature as an urban and daily objective: these are two themes that act as a common thread to the new issue of How to Spend it, on newsstands from tomorrow. The occasion of the first weekends and spring bridges is the right one to explore a new trend of high-end hospitality: the hotel-museum.

It deals with receptive structures that integrate private collections of modern and contemporary painting and sculpture and expose them in the rooms, as well as in the common areas. The living room becomes an opportunity to enjoy, at close distance and in the private calm of a completely private space, not a copy, but true masterpieces of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The monthly magazine of the Sole 24 Ore reviews the works of these hotel-museums.

The focus of the April issue is then dedicated to organic design, the new frontier of furniture, which, thanks to the biosciences, puts into production fabrics, chandeliers and living tapestries, populated by microorganisms and cyanobacteria that release oxygen.

There are greenhouse lamps, which function as self-sufficient ecosystems, producing light through futuristic colored algae suspensions, which furnish and absorb CO2, like 32 large trees. The goal is to live in the city, between four walls, breathing clean and clear air like in the high mountains.

How to Spend It is on newsstands with Il Sole 24 ORE starting Friday, April 6th 2018.

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