For the latest issue of IL, a cover story that cannot possibly be missed: “Who is Mr. Putin? Godfather of criminals and repressor of freedom or vigorous rampart of healthy traditional values? “.

But beyond Putin, how many really know Russia? IL explains through a “Kremlingraphics” all the Russian economy and a Moscow city guide edited by Marta Allevato and Giacomo Augugliaro talks about the “hipster” side of the Capital.

The “FOGLIETTONE” section focuses on the relationship between top class students and Isis.

A several page feature has been given to Italian cinema where Checco Zalone and Maccio Capatonda produce movies about vices and virtues showing our intimate schizophrenia: to be radical chic and peasant.

And finally an exclusive portfolio of Italians who will vote for the Oscar: Benigni, Bertolucci, Filino, Sorrentino and this years candidate Ennio Morricone. 


The new issue of IL is available at the newsstands as of Friday 19th.