“The political, economic and social model called ‘globalization’ has dominated the last decades, helping to double wealth in the world, to get out of extreme poverty a billion and a half people and to expand the sphere of the rights, globally. But now, in 2016, the great question of our time is: does the ‘neoliberal globalization’ system still hold or it is under attack as coming to an end? “. This is the item of the editorial, which, in the cover story, tries to answer the question “What is there after globalization?”

Among the possible scenarios, the map of bilateral and international agreements, the analysis of the increasing travelers and connections, the cover story devotes four pages to the “Global Report” by Guido De Franceschi and Davide Mottes who, with numbers and infographics explain “35 years (almost 36) with a + “. If it is true that the world population has increased at constant rates, the growth line of the gross domestic product is more irregular and, apart from 2009, the world GDP has always grown compared to the previous year.

At the end of the school year, in the Fogliettone section the “Confessions of a new employee of the good school”. The teacher Mario Fillioley concluded the first year of testing in a public school: nine months of experiences in a middle school classroom, dealing with young people who now find everything on Google, do not understand the meaning of studying any longer and need to “learn how to learn.”

Finally, for motorcycle lovers, THE EXTRA section is dedicated to “The last big rave”, the tale of a night spent in a tent along with the “yellow people” devoted to Valentino Rossi, who met for the MotoGP between fires and chainsaws, under the slogan “in Mugello no one sleeps”.

The new issue of IL is available at the newsstands as of Friday, June 17th.