Websystem 24 got the advertising of LeiTv

Leitv.it site of the RCS Group’s Digicast channel dedicated to a female audience on Sky channel 129, points to further strengthening as a reference point for the female audience, affirming itself as a real online magazine. In this new fashion, Leitv.it entrusts advertising revenue to Websystem 24, the digital dealer of the 24 Hours Group.

The Leitv.it site is designed to be a true life partner for all women interested in practical tips for everyday life and style suggestions. Leitv.it, completely renewed in 2016 with excellent public and collections, is distinguished for a constant interaction with users, thanks to the numerous headlines that give precious readers practical tips, inspirations and ideas for every woman’s life.

The magazine is divided into nine thematic areas (including cuisine, wellness, beauty, fashion, home, gardening, marriage, travel, horoscope), to which is added a special area dedicated to holidays and special occasions. Additionally, thematic articles add to the TV programming area, which offers all the information about TV channel programs, with anticipations, insights and extra videos.