WebSystem 24 gets the advertising of Digital Bees

The advertising agency ogĀ  Gruppo 24 ORE thus strengthens its video advertising offering now reaching a monthly inventory of over 40 million.

The strength of the company is the “combined strategy” of the project: thanks to the Video Native Widget formats developed internally by DigitalBees, it simultaneously meets advertisers and digital publishers.

Startup provides content to digital publishers on any platform, thanks to proprietary technology, and at the same time ensures advertisers control the context in which the preroll will be delivered.

The digital division of Gruppo 24 ORE advertising agency – WebSystem 24 – thanks to the new acquisition, further expands its role as a quality online advertising publisher. With DigitalBees’s video network acquisition, the digital WebSystem 24 division reaches 515 million monthly page views for over 12.5 million unique users (41% of the Active Reach data source Audiweb View – April 2017)