We dance together

A special issue dedicated to fashion is that of the monthly newspaper of the Sole 24 Ore How to Spend it on newsstands from February 19 with the newspaper.

On the cover, a couple, a man and a woman immediately introduce the identity of the magazine, which is 50 percent male and 50 percent female, both in terms of readers and themes. Modularity, intergenerationality, timelessness: the desire to search for a common identity code for couples has re-emerged, which is also the main theme of the fashion shoot that takes stock of trends for her and for him, just like the pre-collections.

In women’s fashion shows, luxury brands now host men’s previews and vice versa, when they do not even parade together and together embrace the theme so dear to How to spend It, that of sustainability, dedicating a focus on fashion agriculture which includes its future not as the metamorphosis of waste into a resource or the luxury of transparent and certified pedigrees, but a healthy soil, in which biodegradable fibers end up, and which produces ingredients for the fashion system.

In addition to fashion, new services, curiosities and medical and psychological discoveries in an investigation on dogs, cats and animals that live at home with us: our best friends who with a one-to-one relationship and a growing turnover , pets remain central to the domestic economy. The pet economy in the world, to put it in numbers, is a 130 billion dollar market. In Italy, it stands at 2,078 million.

In the February issue of How to spend It there is also space for beauty at 360 ° and for characters outside the box: from a special interview with the brilliant musician and songwriter Nick Cave and his strange collections of objects; to the unpublished writing of the great Israeli writer Abraham Yehoshua on the luxury of time and on the design objects that populate his house; to an instructive interview with billionaire Grażyna Kulczyk, Polish investor, art collector, philanthropist and billionaire.

Finally, the point on Retail cannot be missing, which the magazine intends to support and support in our country as never before and which, since September, has been dedicated exclusively to Italy. Top shop is the section dedicated to the selection of the best boutiques: by brand, services, structure, personalized attention to the customer. And to point out that How to spend it, from September, is a multimedia platform, the shooting of the fashion photo shoot is taken step by step in an exclusive back stage video published on the magazine’s website and filmed on all social networks, by instagram to twitter.

For more information on magazine planning: info.system24@ilsole24ore.com