Trip to Italian province

The new issue of IL organizes a trip in words and pictures (smartphone) discovering Italy,  sixty years after the Guido Piovene tour. Living and attending the Italian province is cool!

The Magazine, on newsstands Friday, August 26 with Il Sole 24 ORE, also delves into one of the summer’s hottest topics: the presidential in USA. Who will be the next president of the United States? Neck and neck until the last vote.

Donald Trump is among the leaders (along with the success of Brexit and grillini the last elections), even the “Fogliettone” dedicated to the phenomenon of populism. But what it is really populism? It is a ”shadow cast by democracy” as says the Ukrainian political philosopher Mikhail Minakov?

And how does this concept changes in conjunction with the economic crisis and the technological revolution? We live in a political season marked by demagoguery. It sustains those who, in 1999, gasped for the seizure of power by Vladimir Putin, with what followed.