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Of the new issue of IL, which analyzes the flight of the PIB, the Internal Product Bike, from different points of view. Two data are enough: 150 billion euros a year (the value estimated by the European Cyclist Federation for the benefits deriving from the bicycle) and 44 billion just for the tourism industry of those who love to organize weekend breaks and holidays by cycling.

To begin with, a survey on the positive effects, in terms of health, urban traffic, atmospheric and acoustic pollution. From 672 kilometers of New York cycle paths to 1250 kilometers of London to arrive at the GRAB project in Rome, the great ring road of the bike, 45 kilometers of cycle / pedestrian ring, which is still a project and to which a special report on IL is dedicated . Finally, the point about production innovations and entrepreneurs who measure themselves against the sustainable challenge of two wheels.

And much more from production to new lifestyles, all working with bicycles, because cycling is the future of urban mobility.

The new issue of IL on newsstands Friday 25 October with Il Sole 24 Ore.


IL, the men’s Sole 24 Ore, is supported by the press campaign on the Sun starting October 23 (page formats, fourth, half, junior), banners in the Morning24 newsletter on the day of the release. Moreover I-ROTOR in the Milan sales points.

In addition, IL will be distributed to Eicma, the cycle and motorcycle show, the most important world exhibition of reference for two-wheel motorcycles during the event on the Bike economy in Milan.