The world to come

The words of 16 writers, thinkers and the gaze of 50 international photographers who will create an extraordinary project: the first virtual photographic exhibition of Il.

The new issue of Il Sole 24 Ore men’s newsstands from Thursday 30 April with the newspaper, looks to the “WORLD THAT WILL COME“, and features a truly extraordinary team of Special Guests and an exclusive initiative. How will the “after” be? Will everything be better or worse? Will everything be different from “before” or will everything, in the end, be the same?

IL tried to imagine it and asked 16 WRITERS AND THINKERS, from the Strega Paolo Cognetti Prize to the physicist who discovered the particle of God, Guido Tonelli, and many others, to tell, with a whimsical flicker, their very personal pre-visions , hopes, fears, utopias and preventive disappointments, their dreams and their nightmares.

Not only that, IL has extended the same question to 50 INTERNATIONAL FAMOUS PHOTOGRAPHY winners of numerous awards, such as World Press Photo or great interpreters of fashion and still life artists, giving life, with their images, to a special event: THE FIRST VIRTUAL PHOTOGRAPHIC EXHIBITION directed by IL and realized in collaboration with Mudec Photo which will be inaugurated online in mid-May. On this issue, IL anticipates, from the cover, some of the shots and it is possible to follow the birth of the project and the backstage of the exhibition on the social networks of IL and Mudec Photo, meet the photographers, protagonists of a series of talks and video interviews.

Also on the new issue of IL, the new narrative and original formats continue with the visual interview of only images with FRANCESCO VEZZOLI, the play list interview with LANG LANG and the interview in the past with the oldest sommelier in Italy.

And in addition a Special ITALY THAT LOOKS AHEAD, dedicated to companies that reopen or have never stopped producing. From companies that have converted production to respond to the emergency to companies that resist and revive, from companies that invest in human capital to companies ready for the challenge of reconstruction. The 6-page Special is an advertising communication project that takes advantage of the creativity of the IL editorial staff and the contribution of 24 ORE System and is part of the offer of projects that the 24 ORE System concessionaire is proposing to the market for all customers who need to communicate by facing the crisis actively and creatively.

The special “Italy looking ahead” will also have an online version with a dossier on the IL website published on the day of issue of the issue.

On the May issue of IL, as always, there is great space for FASHION and style, with two large services that dialogue with DESIGN on this issue, iconic objects for the home and iconic objects to wear, set in a spectacular location: a deconsecrated baroque church that becomes the theater of the service of IL in a dialogue between contemporary and ancient.

On IL, objects speak and tell stories with the voices of writers who animate them: and thus the novelties of the CAR, MOTORCYCLES and TECHNOLOGY come to life, but also the GLASSES and even the classic SHIRT.

The collaboration with Treedom continues for this issue continues. The plant a new tree that enriches its global forest: for each tree it will be possible to know the exact geolocation, see the photo when it is planted and follow the history of the project that will contribute to the realization, visible within the platform integrated with the new IL site, inside The new integrated digital system of IL also provides for the possibility to browse the magazine within the Sole 24 Ore app and also directly from the site. The interactive involvement of the new issue of IL is also developed in the social profiles on which IL is very present and followed both on Facebook and, in particular, on Instagram with the profile @ 24ilmagazine.

In support of the new issue of Il, a planned communication campaign is planned on the 24 ORE Group media, both paper and digital and social, as well as on the sites of the 24 ORE System network.

Everything, always outside the box, as only IL can do.


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