The power of beauty

Trails of art, fashion colors. Never as in this moment do we need beauty to look forward, find optimism, cheer up our days. This is why How to Spend it, on newsstands from May 8 with the newspaper, comes out with a number that is a feast for the eyes.

Starting with the cover dedicated to seasonal accessories, hosted in a spectacular location where fashion, beauty and contemporary art dialogue with each other. Even the fashion shoot is a tribute to chromotherapy and color that cures mood. The interview with the synesthetic painter Jack Coulter, the painter who sees music in color, is also a journey in color.

Beauty and self-care are also protagonists, first of all with a service on the new glosses to draw and color the mouth, because as Mademoiselle Coco said, “if you are sad, if you have a problem, there is only one thing to do: put on your lipstick and stick on. ”

But beauty can be a work of art if it is introduced by the exclusive image of an artist like Cindy Sherman. Followed by a gallery of truly special and precious skin care products, to be framed!

And another shopping trip on the best digital platforms, selecting the products of the new season. And for multisensory experiences, an interview with a new interpreter of high perfumery: aroma jockey. Heir of the figure of the d-J mixes not musical pieces but fragrances to be spread in the environment by modulating them as notes, to build, from time to time, energizing, relaxing, fun atmospheres. A real playlist at your nose.

Finally, given that you cannot travel physically, but your imagination needs to be nourished, we land on some of the most exclusive islands-art parks.

This month’s How to Spend It is supported by an ad hoc press campaign promoted on the 24 ORE Group’s media and an intensive communication on social media.

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