The objects of desire and the creative coefficient

“I believe that the main luxury for a company is the possibility of doing”. To grow at a rapid pace, to reach such dimensions that you can compete on equal terms with any competitor to give yourself maximum creative freedom. Aesthetics and business use the same language, if talking is Marco Bizzarri, president, CEO Gucci, the brand that, under his leadership, went from 3.5 to 8.2 billion euros in three years. “Creative and management are the same thing,” he says.

He is the opening guest of How to Spend it on sale from Friday 3 May with Il Sole 24 Ore. An issue dedicated to experiences, products, jewel-journeys that opens with an immersion in the stratified, fantastical world, reinvented by the double G, on the occasion of the Met Gala and the exhibition that opens at the Metropolitan Museum in New York on the Camp: Notes on Fashion.

Business and creativity are also spoken of with Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, the president of Chopard with whom How to Spend it has traveled, in advance, a stage of the historic Mille Miglia, which will pass from Florence on 17 May. And still of inventiveness and business tells the interview with the entrepreneur dreamer Thierry Teyssier who created 700,000 Heures, the first luxury nomad hotel, which migrates every six months in remote places, equips them with every comfort and then disappears, without leaving track.

A different way to explore beauty. Between art and nature, the services dedicated to fine jewelery and watchmaking are also explorations: tropical forests, wild animals, colors, mosaics, housed in a microcosm where precision, not size, is the measure of preciousness.

This issue of HTSI will also be present in 2 important events in May: together with IL, it will be the media partner of the “1.000 Miglia” event and distributed to participants and spectators on the day of the start of the race scheduled for May 16th in Brescia. HTSI will also be media partner of the event “Crafts and Palace” to be held in Florence from 16 to 19 May. The copies of the magazine will be distributed during the inauguration.

Aimed at an ELITARY target (with a 50% female component) How To Spend It is an essential choice for effective and successful planning.

25% of monthly readers are in the 35/44 age group, have 3 or more credit cards (241), spend a lot on clothing and accessories (177), toiletries and cosmetics (218) and carry often watches of value (205).

They love to travel and spend 2 or more weekends a month away from home (232), attend spas and wellness centers (214) and cultural festivals (281). They spend a lot on furnishing the house (262).

Sources: GFK – TSSP 2018B Sinottica (concentration indexes)

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