The new Sole 24 Ore App

Even more rich, fluid, fast.

The privileged access point to the multimedia information of the newspaper evolves to offer a high performance browsing experience. New features, new forms of personalization and one-tap access to the site and to 24+

To respond to the constant request of its readers for accessible, clear and easily usable information, Il Sole 24 Ore now offers its readers an even faster and smoother version of its app, which allows for richer and at the same time navigation leaner time within the vast contents of the newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore, of the website and of the premium 24+ section.

An evolution that focuses on greater ease of reading, thanks to a graphic refresh which, through the use of new fonts, colors, spacing and organization of the elements on the page, has made it possible to optimize readability and make the experience smoother by the user, taking advantage of the features of the latest generation devices, on new features, including the automatic reading of newspaper articles, and on new forms of personalization.

The Sole 24 Ore App, optimized for both iOS and Android devices (smartphone and tablet version) – which in the current version has seen almost 200,000 downloads – is available in the new version from May 18 on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. The use of the app is free and includes access to; by downloading it, you can subscribe to the subscription directly in the app or access the daily newspaper for already subscribers and for new ones who want to know the different and advantageous digital subscription formulas available on

The graphic restyling will also be applied to the web browsing platform of the newspaper on which some of the new features provided in the app will also be integrated, so as to offer subscribers to the newspaper an integrated service between the different platforms of use.

The new Sole 24 Ore App thus confirms itself as an agile, powerful and customizable work tool that makes it even easier for professionals, managers and entrepreneurs to access, at any time and from any mobile device, real-time information and insights and updates to the integrated information system of the Sole 24 Ore.

The release of the App constitutes a further step in the activities supporting the growth of the Sole 24 Ore on the digital front, as shown by the data: in the Audiweb surveys relating to March 2020, recorded a real boom compared to February average daily audience with a growth of 145.3% and entered the top ten jumping from 12th to 9th place with 2,337,858 average unique users per day and 5,215,000 average page views. Audiweb data confirm as the site with the highest month-on-month growth in March among the top 10 news sites in Italy.

The unique audience in March grew by 92.9% with over 25 million monthly users, page views increased by 168.2% reaching 157.9 million with an increase in the residence time of +176, 9% and video streams grew by 224.9% to 24.5 million views with a residence time that grew by 254.1%.

A result achieved thanks to the strong presence ensured in real time information at national and international level, the development of original and exclusive content, such as information infographics and the map of the epidemic trend in Italy and in the world which has reached 50 millions of page views (Source Web Trekk), multimedia information with dedicated and constant live LIVE podcasts with the intervention of experts on the site and on social profiles that have grown reaching a total fan base of 3.55 million in April with Linkedin and Instagram profiles that exploded in the last year, recording an increase of almost 100% compared to April 2019.

In parallel, great results also on the front of 24+ subscribers, the premium section of the Sole 24 Ore website which, thanks to the daily offer of high-quality insights, interactive infographics, exclusive podcasts and direct streaming dedicated to the subscriber community, in March has experienced a triple-digit growth trend.

The advertising campaign to support the launch is planned for all 24 ORE Group media.

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