The new IL website (, online since February 2016, has been designed directly by the editorial staff of IL, for a surprising use of images and multi-device experience that allows you to live and touch the world of IL widening, flicking and zooming photos and content as if they were those of the users.

The three main sections of the site, Yolo, Explicit and Journal, have three independent home page, and each one is a newspaper in the newspaper, or a site in the site, with original daily articles as well as those published in the magazine.

The site is aimed at a high quality male target between 25 and 45 years, with an important cultural and economic level, characterized by high income and education levels, as well as by prestigious professional status. An audience attentive to technology who love fashion, accessories, and self-care products.

The IL users are also Family Buyers therefore passionate people who spend on food, lifestyle and well-being. The main advertising formats available are Masthead, Leaderboard, Mpu. Opportunity to host Native Advertising activities.