The naked body

The body, not just the head, can be a beautiful place to think. What a priceless well-being of moving muscles! IL, the masculine of the Sole 24 Ore, which was released on Friday 28 June with the newspaper, puts the body at the center of reflection: at the time of selfies and pilates, plastic surgery and de-aging, what remains of the body?

And how do you invent a body?

Also within the number two the specials. The Agenda section expands to include the most interesting summer events, starting from zero-impact concerts and festivals. Also the Appendix section doubles for a summer in which there is more time to read. Starring Gianni Biondillo, Ilaria Tuti, Giampaolo Simi, Piersandro Pallavicini, Luca Ricci who write for IL five unpublished stories, including thrillers, memoirs and ghost stories, set in hotel rooms. Plus the special participation of Dacia Maraini and her “Travels have written my life”.

The campaign was planned on the vehicles of the 24 Ore Group and is signed by the HAVAS MILAN agency.

This number is media partner of the “Golden Cup of the Dolomites” with distribution of copies.

IL represents an irreplaceable choice in a successful planning for brands that appeal to a male target of a high demographic and social profile, a professional who seeks, even during the weekend, the deepening but also the latest entertainment news and opportunities for self-assertion.

A target strongly oriented towards technology (142), which is a great traveler, both for work reasons (158), and for tourist reasons (138), heavy user of cars, who loves to drive (128) and particularly attentive to the brand (140) and advertising (162).

Source TSSP 2018B Target man reader Sole24 Ore- Concentration Indices.

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