The Intelligent lifestyle magazine

Published monthly with Italian daily newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore, IL is a modern classic known for its experimental editorial concepts, groundbreaking infographics, and bold use of typography, photography, and illustration. It’s so good it’s almost worth learning Italian for—“almost” because you don’t really need to read it to appreciate it.

As a supplement to an Italian economic and financial newspaper, IL is notoriously difficult for mag fans to get their hands on. One must cultivate friendships with Italians, or plan holidays to the lakes to coincide with publication. Or you can buy the new beautiful new book The Intelligent Lifestyle Magazine: Smart Editorial Design, Ideas and Journalism (Gestalten), a great paving slab of pure, high-end European print porn. Halleluiah.

The Intelligent Lifestyle Magazine is the first book dedicated to this fascinating publication at the vanguard of visual journalism. It’s interesting to note that because IL features several distinct sections, this feels like a book about several magazines rather than just one.

In addition to the grand tour of its modular system, we’re taken past the endless creativity of the everchanging cover features to the organized chaos of the pop culture section YOLO, the refinement of the fashion-focused Journal section, and the densely packed World Report. And of course, there’s lots of emphasis on the infographics, for which the IL is perhaps best known.

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