The business of sustainability

Reducing the environmental impact without stopping growing, is it a pure philosophy or a sustainable equation? With this issue How To Spend It, on newsstands Friday 19 April with Il Sole 24 Ore, inaugurates a series of events on the responsible economy by interviewing the top managers of the most important world luxury groups.

It starts with Marie-Claire Daveu, who not by chance Francois Henri Pinault, patron of the Kering Group which also includes the Balenciaga brand, wanted to head the ethical development, giving the company the target, by 2025, of reduce its environmental profit and loss account by 40% and cut CO2 emissions by 50%, continuing to grow.

Still on a green theme How to Spend It – which in this issue counts 25 pages out of a total of 66 – focuses on the thousand-year history that has the highest rate of biodiversity: extra virgin olive oil. To defend the earth: “We are citizens of the cosmos … Our only chance of survival and its beauty rest on this globe and on our ability to protect it” to affirm it is she, the author of the most famous astronomical photo of the earth, La Pale Blue Dot, Carolyn Porco, taken from the height of Saturn, interviewed by the director of How to Spend it, Nicoletta Polla Mattiot.

Lastly: the inevitable services on fashion, on the art of motorcycles (vintage engines as objects of interior design to collect), focus on beauty and travel, without forgetting the latest technological innovations.

Aimed at an ELITARY target (with a 50% female component) How To Spend It is an essential choice for effective and successful planning.

25% of monthly readers are in the 35/44 age group, have 3 or more credit cards (241), spend a lot on clothing and accessories (177), toiletries and cosmetics (218) and carry often watches of value (205).

They love to travel and spend 2 or more weekends a month away from home (232), attend spas and wellness centers (214) and cultural festivals (281). They spend a lot on furnishing the house (262).

Sources: GFK – TSSP 2018B Sinottica (concentration indexes)

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