System 24 records an 11.7% growth

System 24 advertising sales amount to 86.8 million euros (+ 11.7% vs 2014) and compared to the market, which decreases by 2.4%, achieving a result against the media sector trend.

The authority of the brand Il Sole 24 Ore, the improving quality and quantity of information content on paper, digital and radio allowed us to increase the advertising rates and supported the strong growth in advertising revenues, despite the decline in the market.

All media achieve better results than the market: Radio 24 (+ 26.0% vs + 10.0% market), print (10.2% vs – 6.0% market), online (+10.0% vs -1.3% market) – Source: Nielsen – January to September 2015.

At the end of September, Il Sole 24 Ore newspaper closes at + 3%, in contrast to the newspaper market (-7.3% Nielsen – January to September).