System 24 manages the adv spaces of Washington Post

System 24 International, the International division of the advertising agency of 24 ORE Group increases its portfolio of International titles withe the agreement with Washington Post, the most prestigious and ancient daily in USA, its website and its magazine.

The daily newspaper has a circulation  of 377,466 copies from Monday to Saturday while 568,365 copies on Sundays (Source AAM Newspaper Snapshot 9/30/14) and  1,234,500 readers from Monday to Saturday while 1,774,300 on Sundays (Source AAM Newspaper Snapshot 9/30/14). is a website of news  of worldwide importance, a benchmark for both the USA market and the European one.  It also is the website of news that has recorded in 2015 the highest growth in terms of  unique users and page views. It boasts 72 million unique visitors per month, 24 of which are outside the USA.

The acquisition of Washington Post enriches with a further quality editorial offer the leadership on the international advertising in Italy of System 24 International.