Sunken treasures: explore submarine luxury

Immerse yourself in the taste of things to extract the enjoyable intensity: the luxury of going to the essence. The new issue of How to Spend it on the newsstands with Il Sole 24 Ore from Friday 5 July, dedicated to the sea, starts from the seabed and its sunken treasures.

Sea as an exploration, a sea as an experience and a source of inspiration. How to Spend it went to St Barth to live and tell about the race where the best crews in the world are measured; has fathomed the pelagic fantasies of design and fashion, where corals, shells, octopus, fish are the protagonists and where an object is enough to bring the sea into the house, be it a dish with the effigy of Neptune or a table frosted by waves or a micro-iridescent mosaic like a fin.

And again, he went down into the underwater cellars, between Sardinia and Liguria, where the wine is aged fifty meters deep, a new challenge for the most advanced oenology. For those who love the sea and want to protect it, How to Spend it publishes a survey on sustainable hotels: luxury hotels where comfort is not renounced, but does not impact the planet. Indeed, booking a room is in itself an ecological investment.

The appointment with How to spend It is on newsstands from Friday 5 July with Il Sole 24 ore.

The campaign was planned on the vehicles of the 24 ORE Group and is signed by the HAVAS MILAN agency.

This number is the media partner of the “Golden Cup of the Dolomites” which takes place in Cortina d’Ampezzo from 18 to 21 July, and the distribution with hostesses of the copies to the participants in the race and to the spectators present is scheduled.

Aimed at an ELITARY target (with a 50% female component) How To Spend It is an essential choice for effective and successful planning.

25% of monthly readers are in the 35/44 age group, have 3 or more credit cards (241), spend a lot on clothing and accessories (177), toiletries and cosmetics (218) and carry often watches of value (205).

They love to travel and spend 2 or more weekends a month away from home (232), attend spas and wellness centers (214) and cultural festivals (281). They spend a lot on furnishing the house (262).

Sources: GFK – TSSP 2018B Sinottica (concentration indexes)

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