For the latest issue of How To Spend It, the real luxury is sharing, even the knowledge of haute cuisine. It is the re-appropriation of our space and the privilege of silence, contemporary needs of the most heartfelt and latest must in the deluxe hospitality.

This month Luxury and Lifestyle focuses on the world of art and taste, with the cover story dedicated to the company of the alchemist chef Ferran AdriĆ  and Richard Geoffroy, who explain how the sharing economy also leads to the “sharing gastronomy “.

From classical art to the art of silence. Silence is an increasingly luxury and a rarity, along with spare time: two values that are becoming more and more “exclusive”. In response to these needs, a new profession has been born: the acoustic consultant working for 5 star hotels. Muffled rooms, sound-absorbing walls, no-noise guarantee: this is the new deluxe hospitality business.

The new issue of HTSI is available at the newsstands as of February 5th.