“Self-destruction is an art”: the new IL is in newsstand

The men’s magazine of Il Sole 24 Ore, with 47 pages inserted on 142 total.

He has a pop soul that is born and dies on the walls of the suburbs of the city. It is Street Art, which today more than ever is also confirmed as an art of performance, making fun of the market so much to self-destruct.

This is the gesture of Banksy at Sotheby’s, a gesture of rebellion that has caused his quotations and the entire Street Art market to rise at record prices. IL, in the new issue of November, analyzes and explores the contradictory relationship between street art and art dealers: an ambivalent relationship with, on the one hand, the desire of artists to be listed, and on the other, avoid being contaminated by the system.
So, in fact, to self-destruct their works.


Among other investigations, the theme of protest and rebellion in power in the interview to the nephew of Nelson Mandela, Kweku Mandela, on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of his grandfather.
A special on Nigeria and then move to Colombia and tell the work of the magazine in one of the countries with the highest rate of corruption. We talk about comics and the Lucca Comics & Games, which from October 31 combines cartoonists and those of role-playing games and gaming. All this and much more on sports, music, fashion and so on.

The advertising campaign to support the release is signed by Simonetti Studio for the vehicles of the 24 Ore Group. The total number of this number is 142 pages, of which 47 are advertised. The November issue will be supported with the distribution of copies on the occasion of the classic Milan Auto (November 23-25).