Record of access to the site

Timely information rewards. The portal of the Il Sole 24 Ore Group is dedicating itself with every effort to maximum information coverage in these days of great concern. And the site is getting important results.

The continuous monitoring work according to the ethical rules of trust, credibility, transparency and truth, which are part of the Trust Project to which Il Sole 24 Ore adheres, even in these alarm hours, is the basis of the extraordinary results in terms of access that the site has been recording in recent days, and that has led for the first time ever the editorial area of ​​the site to touch the 28 million unique browsers in the month (source Webtrekk), data never touched before, with strong growth confirmed also by Audiweb which with 1.6 million average users in the past week has almost doubled compared to previous weeks.

24+ premium digital information is also growing strongly in terms of subscriptions subscribed, driven by in-depth content related to Coronavirus.

In addition to constantly updated information online, Il Sole 24 Ore dedicates a 100-page guide to Coronavirus, to provide readers with reliable and complete information and to fight the epidemic of fake news that has broken out on this topic: how to recognize its symptoms to the experts’ answers to the most common questions, from the measures taken by the Government to the consequences on work and the economy.

To deal reasonably and without unnecessary fears with a phenomenon that affects us closely.

The Sole 24 Ore Guide, produced with the help of virologists from Simit, the Italian society of infectious and tropical diseases, focuses on the genesis of the coronavirus, its health and epidemiological implications and the real impact on health. Ample space is dedicated to experts’ answers to the most frequently asked questions (also formulated during the special Radio 24 broadcasts by listeners).

The Guide also analyzes the different phases of the national health system’s response to the emergency escalation and provides an important set of numbers and useful sites for those who need information or assistance.

The consequences on the economic system and on the world of work are huge and this is why the Guide analyzes in detail the measures put in place by the Government to mitigate the effects on the productive world, by the programs, declined differently in the different risk areas, for small and medium-sized enterprises up to the new rules for the management of smart working or layoffs as well as forms of refreshment in the event of interruption of the supply chain.

Finally, the anti-panic manual highlights the consequences on the financial markets where a race for safe-haven goods is underway, but where the stock exchanges try not to miss the Bull season that characterized them throughout 2019: the analysts of the Sun 24 Ore examines the trends of the various assets and the trends of the central banks, the risk of bubbles and interest rate trends with the inevitable implications for mortgages. is also active with uninterrupted coverage in real time on all the relevant and verified news for users, from the news to the latest updates from the outbreaks of Northern Italy with the ordinances region by region, to scientific service information with contents and videoforum to face the health emergency, to the impacts on businesses and markets, to maps and data to track the evolution, and videoforum on Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. and live update content in English to provide useful information to the international community.

Further specific insights, to answer some of the more complex and discussed questions such as “Why does Italy have more infections than other European countries” and “What kind of recession will be the one brought by the Coronavirus?” instead, they are contained within 24+, the premium section of the site, with analyzes, scenarios and opinions. The number 3346222424 is also active to which users can send reports of bad information or hoaxes on the net, also related to Coronavirus, which will be collected, verified and reported by the editorial staff within 24+.

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