Reality starts with a dream

Floating to over 153 meters in front of the skyline of skyscrapers and below, beyond the transparent floor, the flowing of traffic and the little crowd is a breathtaking experience. Fear and pleasure melt, the sky becomes water and the water becomes sky. Icarus swims and Triton flies.

Sunken swimming pools change skyline in skypool. Another change of perspective another  reversal of expectations: at the pool or in the garden, the design goes out, clearing the differences between interior and exterior furnishings, boasting of comfort styles. It is the new way of interpreting the en plein air life where comfort is an absolute priority, as it experiences How To Spend It, the luxury and lifestyle monthly of Il Sole 24 ORE.

The new issue of How To Spend It, in newsstand with Il Sole 24 Orestarting from Friday 6th of July, is also told through a new campaign, which aims at freedom of inspiration, as a starting point for achieving any action. If “reality begins with a dream,” with How to Spend it “Do not limit yourself to your desires.” The advertising campaign, realized by FCB MILAN, is planned on the Sole 24 ORE Group media.