Radio 24 is twenty years old

… and celebrate with listeners!

A new logo, a new site, special programming and a great event.

Innovative and unique, even when it comes to celebrating the goals achieved.

Born October 4, 1999, launching the new challenge for Italy of a news & talk broadcaster, Radio 24 has grown (it must be said) “word by word” and in a few days it will turn 20!

An anniversary to celebrate, but first of all an opportunity to thank the over 2.3 million listeners who follow it consistently (relative to the average day, which goes up to 2.6 million from Monday to Friday – source Surveys Ter 1st half 2019). Because the road traveled in recent years by Radio 24 has been to intercept a public that is attentive to the timely and in-depth account of current events from all over the world, a participant in events, interested in meeting with the protagonists of our time.

To this listening question, open as a window on everyday life and projected towards the scenarios of the great changes that go through our era, Radio 24 has been able to respond with complete and reliable information prepared by the editors of the Gr, the unmistakable identity and the authoritativeness of programs entrusted to the management of figures with a strong personality and great professionalism, the usability of a communicative register always able to pleasantly entertain and the continuous evolution of the proposals, through the development of new formats, the enhancement of new channels and a strong propensity to technological innovation.

This is why the first 20 years of Radio 24 can only be a further step towards a multichannel approach that represents a new growth objective, starting from a rooted identity.

In fact, on October 4, 2019, Radio 24 prepared itself, once again focusing attention on the public and its distinguishing feature, namely the desire to share and participate.

The approach to the twentieth anniversary has therefore begun with a contest for the creation of a new logo and a new claim. The goal was to bring in those who listen to us every day to make them participate in changing the image of their radio.

The @crealogo proposal has received the extraordinary response of over 45 thousand projects and ideas presented.

A testimony of passion and closeness from the audience that Radio 24 wanted to highlight with the campaign entitled “45 thousand times Thanks!”

The thousands of contributions (all brilliant, some brilliant, always expressive of the inimitable identity of Radio 24 and its audience) were submitted to the examination of a jury composed of Fabio Tamburini Radio 24 Director, Federico Silvestri Radio 24 Business Unit Director , Sebastiano Barisoni Deputy Executive Director Radio 24, Marco Gay president of Anitec-Assinform Confindustria, and Pietro Maestri Executive Creative Director, multi-award winning professional in the sector, who selected the winning project.

The new visual radio brand will be unveiled on October 4th during the invitation-only evening dedicated to the 20th birthday of Radio 24 to be held at Studio Novanta in Via Mecenate in Milan.

The celebration event scheduled for Friday, October 4th will not therefore be the epilogue of a celebration, but the starting point of an important step towards an ever greater multimedia and diversification of the ways of using the contents, through vocal platforms and Smart speakers of new generation, thanks to the collaboration with partners such as Audible, Amazon and Google, and the profound renewal of the website, with graphics and architecture that will be unveiled during the evening.

Happy birthday Radio 24

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