Radio 24 frees the desire to do

Just after having turned 17, Radio 24 renews its image by presenting it with a new Visual Identity and a new brand line. The decision to renew the logo was generated by the  need to attest  the evolution of the product over the years, mainly preserving its high-quality values. In visual terms the logo is inspired by the astronomical symbol of the planet Jupiter (♃), a key element of the “Sole” system.

Jupiter – in different cultures- is always associated with positive concepts: growth, high ideals and intentions, inclination to freedom and exploration. The payoff “It frees the desire to do” is based on the concept of “stimulus generator”, in other words: sometimes just a single word can be enough to trigger the change.

Radio 24 helps us to disentangle ourselves among the maze of information more and more complex and solve the nowadays riddles. It is a benchmark for reliability, empathy and freedom values.
Its aim varies according to the time and circumstances, but his point of view always supports independence and thinking.