Radio 24 for the Coronavirus Emergency

Ccontinuous, timely and authoritative information updates in the GR and programs, for a long non-stop direct. Medical advice and tips. Listening, solidarity and support, the word to listeners to tell their stories and their difficulties.

SPECIAL HOME EDITION of some programs to guarantee their broadcasting.

In these times of health crisis, Radio 24 ensures constant information updating every day with authority and complete information through its Gr24 editions, broadcast regularly, to extricate itself in the sea of ​​misinformation, fake news, hoaxes, conflicting indications, and through its programs dedicated to telling and investigating what is happening in relation to the coronavirus emergency, with non-stop information throughout the day.

The information effort of Radio 24 is multiplied in the days of the emergency by resorting to the work of internal professionals and the network of collaborators of the broadcaster, and using all the technologies available to ensure – from the editorial staff, also through remote work – timely and verified updating of contents.

Uno nessuno e 100Milan, Melog and Due di Denari, are broadcasted in Special Home Edition (Alessandro Milan, Debora Rosciani, Gianluca Nicoletti) with radio studios set up at home to guarantee information by sharing stories, situations and facts with the Italians who are experiencing this radical and sudden metamorphosis of our way of life. Smartworking, family, study but also romantic relationships: everything is transforming “live” on Radio 24.

Microphones open to Unonessuno e 100Milan to talk about the difficulties of those who work, such as riders who, among a thousand obstacles, continue to guarantee the delivery of meals; Matteo Caccia’s Linee d’ombra collects every day the experiences of the inhabitants of the former red zone, of how they lived in isolation before others; Nessun luogo è lontano Gianpaolo Musumeci tells what happens beyond borders and in the world, in Focus Economia headlights focused on the economic emergency with the exceptional measures of the government and on the performance of the Stock Exchanges and in Due di denari how to protect their savings: mortgage installments, gas and electricity bills, nursery school fees, obligatory holidays, reimbursements for trips canceled.

In particular, the expansion of the special insights related to the health emergency, including the appointment with Obiettivo Salute at 10.30 am where Nicoletta Carbone together with doctors and experts answers the doubts of the listeners and provides indications on the behaviors to be followed.
But not only: also the advice to the dads with a mental coach and father, in PadriEterni by Federico Taddia and Matteo Bussola, who will give the tips to all those fathers who for a few weeks will not be able to see their children and on how to keep even at a distance quality relationship.

And again the story of a mathematics lesson streamed in the Reportage by Maria Piera Ceci. In 2024, by Enrico Pagliarini, focus on how technology has helped China, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Israel to control the flows of the epidemic and to slow down the spread. And for those who are on the road, in Autotrasporti di Andrea Ferro, the testimonies of those who are driving and who in the emergency guarantee supplies between infinite difficulties and serious risks, in addition to updates from the logistics districts.

On the Radio 24 website all updates and podcasts to listen to the programs again.

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