Radio 24 comes above 2 million listeners

The radio listening figures of the radio stations for the period January-June 2016 have been published. These figures are related to the average day and average quarter-hour, whereas the 7-days figures are not yet available.

According to the listening figures, released by RadioMonitor of Eurisko, Radio 24 comes above the threshold of 2 million listeners – 2,011,000 individuals – confirming its 9th position in the ranking of the most listened radio stations. Radio 24 has had a growth of 2.5% in this first half-year, which is even higher than the whole growth of just 2% of all radio stations together. This is the six-month period with the highest growth that Radio 24 has ever had.

It is particularly significant the growth related to the average quarter-hour, which actually is the figure able to develop the best advertising performances: + 8.1% in the first six months 2016 vs the first six months 2015.


the most significant growths have been gained by Radio Kiss Kiss (+8.5%) and R101 (+7.5%). Also very good for RTL 102.5 (+3.8%), Deejay (+3.7%), Rai 3 (+3.4%), R105 and Virgin (both +1.4%).

RDS shows a decrease of 3% and falls to the 4th position – from the second position achieved with the 2015 results – thus surpassed by Deejay and R105 and followed by Radio Italia that loses 1.8%.

M2O has lost many p.p (-7.5%), whereas RMC, Rai 1 and Rai 2 have lost about 1% of their listenership.