Please don’t go

Queen of England’s subjects, do not go. Or, in the case of Brexit, take us with you. The cover story is dedicated to Great Britain, a country that, for many reasons, cultural and sentimental, has influenced Europe and Italy in particular.

A tie, with Great Britain, made of inspiration on economic principles – more liberalism and less protectionism – and political – more rights and less authoritarianism – of musical and cultural inspirations. IL looks at this bond by presenting, along with 101 reasons, why we can not call ourselves British, a series of data and scenarios looking at the June referendum.

Analysis on the relationship between the Islamists and women, and about the answers that the Western World can (not) give. Demonstrating, with the debate made of distinctions, embarrassment and accusations of Islamophobia, following the events in Cologne, the articles of the Algerian Kamel Daoud and the case of the covered up statues, that we are incapable of defending individual rights and freedom.

IL also focuses on Made in Italy, with stories of excellence of Italian craftsmanship that does not only mean fashion, furniture, food and Ferrari, the four F celebrated in the world, which produces 22 percent of our exports. From agricultural machinery for the state farms in China, to the sorting systems of the postal Royal Mail centers in the UK, to the ring of Engenhão stadium for the Rio Olympics, a selection of Italian stories to export.

This is of great importance considering that, in 2015, this “other Made in Italy” has generated an export volume of over 322 billion euro. The new issue of IL is available at the newsstands as of Friday 18th.