Partnership between 24ORE Group and FT

“MADE IN ITALY: THE RESTART” is a 3-events serie of international importance for the relaunch of the Italian economy and the “Made in Italy”.

Combining skills and their respective experience in the events sector, the two top international information players create a unique event in the panorama of initiatives that promote the relaunch of the country: “MADE IN ITALY: THE RESTART – Relaunching the Italian Economy in a post-COVID world “. Three days of digital events moderated by the best journalists of Il Sole 24 Ore and the Financial Times and broadcast via streaming from Milan and London and with simultaneous Italian-English translation.

The event, scheduled for 6-7-8 October 2020, will be opened on the first day by an institutional and high profile appointment, which will involve the highest institutional figures, top managers of companies and representatives of the most representative sectors of Made in Italy for an analysis of the state of the art, the actions put in place and still to be activated and the prospects for restarting.

The initiative will continue in the following days with two vertical events that will involve, among others, Italian entrepreneurs who embody an example of Made in Italy excellence internationally recognized: the first will be dedicated to the “3 F” of Made in Italy – FASHION, FURNITURE and FOOD – the second, “ITALIAN EXCELLENCE & MANUFACTURING”, to excellence in the industrial and manufacturing field.

The inaugural conference will be divided into two sessions. The first will be dedicated to the “Made in Italy” New Deal between economy, export and technological innovation for the development of the country and will see the intervention of government officials.

The second will see institutions and experts discussing strategies and actions for the relaunch of Italy: from communication for the Italy rebranding campaign to integrated promotion systems on Maeci funds, from the information-training offer for SMEs to the new Ice portal- Sace-Simest, from the development of e-commerce marketplaces to virtual and B2B fairs to subsidized finance tools.

The digital event of the second day – the “3 F’s” of Made in Italy: Fashion, Furniture & Food – will start by focusing the spotlight on Made in Italy in Fashion & Luxury with particular attention to the role of contemporary craftsmanship: artisan traditions and top quality, but also the uniqueness of the Italian supply chain, from fabrics to big brands. There will be a focus on globalization and pandemic to analyze the resilience of the Italian fashion system.

The re-start of the Made in Italy Design sector, which has its main lever in creativity, will be analyzed below. The districts to be enhanced, the revolution in sales channels, the generational shift as a strategic lever for the relaunch, the new internationalization strategies for Italian companies between the role of institutions and aid to businesses are some of the topics that will be addressed by the rich panel.

The day will end with the focus on Food & Wine between development, sustainability and innovation. The main representatives of the sector will discuss the restart of the channel, the wine economy between unknowns and new market opportunities, the role of DOC and DOP productions and the impact of the lockdown on exports.

The third day, “ITALIAN EXCELLENCE & MANUFACTURING”, will be dedicated to Italian technological excellence in the energy, pharmaceutical and aerospace sectors and will deepen the role of the second largest manufacturing industry in Europe.

The digital event will be in streaming via interactive platform that will allow remote audience interaction to intervene live in live chat and to respond in real time to the surveys that will be launched during the work. The event will be broadcast in Italian and English, with simultaneous translation. The full recording of the event will then be available in the Stream24 section of the website.

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