New ways of living luxury

New logo, new graphics, new columns, new cross-media platform.

From 18 September HOW TO SPEND IT is on newsstands with Il Sole 24 Ore, all new, all to browse and read (but also to scroll, tag, download, share …) to discover the new experiences of interactive and immersive luxury, from fashion to art, design, travel, food. A new magazine, therefore, but also a new multimedia platform to expand the possibilities for inspiration and discovering exclusive products and new worlds.

For HOW TO SPEND IT nothing is as precious as the luxury of thinking, knowing and having the time to do it. Luxury changes: the importance of authenticity, sustainability, stories and intangible experiences to share is growing. Luxury changes and HOW TO SPEND IT changes to tell it better and better: with its new graphics (new logo, new characters, an even clearer and more pleasant readability, new rhythms of reading and scanning images) and with its possibility to stay close to readers every day and all day thanks to the full-range usability and on all devices of a cross-media platform with the browsing app, the site, podcasts, books and off and online events, the new video format, exclusive galleries. Because for HOW TO SPEND IT luxury is above all SERVICE.

There are many themes and discoveries in the new September issue of HOW TO SPEND IT entirely dedicated to the Italian rebirth and the importance of building together a new Renaissance of creativity. Starting with the fashion industry: the entrepreneurs of the major fashion companies gathered to discuss together with HOW TO SPEND IT how to plan and redesign the recovery all together. A round table full of concrete ideas to revive the economy. Not just fashion, but design, art, food, from starred chefs who think about the future of catering to all the best Made in Italy excellences.

On the other hand, if luxury is the story of HOW TO SPEND IT, beauty is investigated above all as an engine of development, in its active and productive dimension, capable of relaunching Italy and its unique creative specificity in the world.

Satisfaction on the advertising sales front: the launch number of the new HOW TO SPEND IT obtained 50 pages of advertising on a 114-page foliation and the advertising turnover saw a growth of + 20% compared to September 2019. Sole 24 Ore convinces the market, thanks to its paper + digital circulation of 120,000 copies and 500,000 readers per issue (Source: publisher and concessionaire elaborations) and a readership composed of 50% men and 50% women, concentrated in the aged 25-44, with a high level of education, a high purchasing capacity and a high lifestyle.

An important launch campaign will support the new issue and the new cross media platform. The creativity of the communication campaign is multi-subject and aims to enhance the HOW TO SPEND IT magazine, by sharing and interpreting new experiences of contemporary luxury, from fashion to art, to design, to travel, to food. The different subjects represent different “experiences to try” or dream thanks to HOW TO SPEND IT. Experiences that are also highlighted in the title together with the link with the magazine (ES: HOW… TO BREATHE). The campaign also highlights the HOW TO SPEND IT multimedia platform.

The communication campaign is planned on the means of the 24 ORE Group: print, digital and social, which will see in particular an Instagram launch amplification. For the occasion, the hashtag #howtonow was created, which will involve readers starting from this launch issue.
Not only that, the release of the new HOW TO SPEND IT will be accompanied by important out-of-home planning, extra visibility on the points of sale and special distributions in exclusive locations.
In particular, the Sole 24 Ore magazine will be present:
-In advertising spaces with the Urban Vision circuit through maxi digital billboards. Two weeks of advertising campaign starting from mid-September in the main streets of luxury and fashion week in Milan.
-On newsstands in Milan (150) through the i-rotor digital videos that will cover the areas of greatest importance for the fashion-luxury circuit.
-In 4 and 5 star luxury hotels and beauty & spas in the main Italian cities: Milan, Rome, Genoa, Turin, Venice, Bologna, Florence, Naples, Palermo through a selected distribution.
-In the main fashion shows of Milan Fashion week.