New Radio 24 schedule up to September 3rd

Three main news for the upcoming season of Radio 24:

– Maria Latella instead of Luca Telese in the program “24Mattino” aired from 6 to 9, dedicated to reading newspapers and commenting on current events with Oscar Giannino;

– the arrival of Giampaolo Musumeci with “I’m the bad guy”, stories of great news stories through the story of important criminal figures created in collaboration with Audible;

– the creation of a container for the Sunday afternoon palimpsest “Passion Sunday”.

Also in September – an advertising campaign will be launched by Studio Simonetta to support the new program schedule.

The goal for the coming months is to approach an average daily audience of 2.5 million people.

Growth in advertising

Radio 24 gets a good season on the front of audience ingreasing. According to the RadioTER research for the first half of 2018, on average the audience of the issuer is almost 2.2 million listeners, up 2.5% compared to the first half of 2017 (although, it should be remembered, the two data do not they are homogeneous because they refer to different periods, ed.).

The growth of the radio is constant since 2015 according to RadioTER data and previously RadioMonitor (the research of GfK that measured radio ratings from 2012 to 2016, ed). Good news that adds up with that of advertising sales, which is also growing in the first six months of this year according to a trend “better than the market”, which according to the latest Assoradio data available (see page 7 of this newspaper, ed) in the first half of the year it grew by 6.8%.

This is confirmed by Massimo Colombo, general manager of the 24 Ore Group and general manager of 24 ORE System, a concession holder since 1 January 2018 also of Radio Kiss Kiss, which in turn records a growth of over 20% and almost 3 million listeners. By virtue of these results, Colombo has announced the introduction in the autumn lists of an increase in costs for the order of 3-4%.

The licensee has also commissioned surveys to verify the approval of the programs. Pending the publication of the balance sheet figures as of June 30, 2018, scheduled for August 1, System brings home a better performance in the first half of the year than the market average, still negative overall. Digital projects Massimo Colombo has also presented the digital development projects that the radio will undertake starting from 2019, also thanks to Google’s DNI Fund funding that the 24 Ore Group won for the Sole 24 Ore and for Radio 24.

«We will realize audio content for personalized use via podcast, and we will develop services for new generation virtual assistants». The radio is also investing in new frequencies to strengthen the signal, “we’ll see the results on ratings in the coming months” and is present in the DAB consortium for digital transmission.

The autumn program schedule

From 3 September 2018 the Radio 24 program will “light up”, as already mentioned, at 6:30 am with the voice of Maria Latella conducting “24Mattino” together with Oscar Giannino, who is again at the microphones at 16 with “The Oscar version”.

From 9am to 11pm, Alessandro Milano will follow with “Uno, nessuno, 100Milan”, a morning show on the current affair with the participation of Leonardo Manera. From Monday to Friday all the programs already on air are confirmed as “Due di denari” by Debora Rosciani and Mauro Meazza, “Melog” by Gianluca Nicoletti, “Tutti convocati” with Carlo Genta, Pierluigi Pardo and Giovanni Capuano, “Il Falco e the seagull “by Enrico Ruggeri,” Focus Economia “by the deputy executive director of Radio 24 Sebastiano Barisoni,” La Zanzara “by Giuseppe Cruciani.

Over the weekend starts the Saturday with the novelty of the season, the aforementioned “The good and the bad”, Alessio Maurizi in “You can do”, the world seen through social networks and the network in “Radiotube” by Marta Cagnola, Davide Oldani and Pierluigi Pardo in “Eat as you speak”.

On Sunday morning he presents “No è è perfetta” by Maria Latella, a manifesto against the extreme multitasking of women, the “Fathers of Frederals” by Federico Taddia and Matteo Bussola on fathers-sons relationships, and the “Bufala in tavola” by Nicoletta Carbone, which aims to dispel the false myths about nutrition.

The success of the morning formula with Radio 24 that follows the needs of the listeners in the family environment has given rise to the creation of the afternoon Sunday box, characterized by a single jingle that accompanies each program. In “Passione Domenica” milan Pino Insegno with his “V Factor”, “Globetrotter” by Valeria De Rosa, Roberta Pellegatta and “Il giardino segreto”, “Freewheeling” by Alessandra Schepisi, “Personal best”, conducted by Silvio Lorenzi and the runner Ivana di Martino, “Olympia” by Dario Ricci, “All convened weekend” always with Genta, Pardo and Capuano.

The Passion Sunday ends at 7 pm with Gegé Telesforo and his “Sound Check”. “We are very satisfied with the results achieved in 2017 and in the first half of 2018 because they have made us reach the highest peak of listeners in the history of Radio 24 – comments Guido Gentili, editorial director of the 24 Ore Group -. But we are not satisfied, we want to take up the challenge and further improve: the news of the autumn schedule shows that we are changing to grow even more “.