New platform food and beverage24

The 24 ORE Group creates an articulated multiplatform informative project designed to best respond to the information and communication needs of the first manufacturing sector in the country for global turnover, the agri-food sector.

The Food & Beverage24 system is dedicated both to the operators of the sector and to all those who are interested in exploring everything that revolves around the world of food, offering a unique, authoritative and reliable system, where to find quality and exclusive contents, declined in a platform integrated multimedia with high added value conceived and developed for companies, institutions and professional categories and, at the same time, for the market and consumers.

The new platform for the new .food pages on the Sole 24 Ore on Saturday, starting on November 23, which is accompanied on, always from the same date, with the renewed online channel Food by Giovanni Uggeri. “Voice” of the platform are Radio 24 broadcasts edited by Nicoletta Carbone, dedicated to health and nutrition and their online insights, and the one by Davide Oldani and Pierluigi Pardo, dedicated to food and food culture; real time information is provided by the specialized news agency Radiocor, which is dedicated to operators in the agri-food sector.

These are flanked by information products designed for agri-food companies: from digital newsletters on tax news, community and national agricultural policies, economic analysis and innovation, to paper and digital notebooks on the main sector issues up to tailor-made events. Among the appointments dedicated to the public of operators and food enthusiasts, the Food Economy Summit is already scheduled in the first half of 2020 and an event dedicated to Food and Agritech within the Business Tech Forum.

Through the information system of Food & Beverage24 it will be possible to deepen the economic declination of the food business, tell stories of excellence of the Made in Italy, have a picture on how consumption changes, sales systems and distribution.

The “.food” pages published every Saturday in the Sole 24 Ore will explore the dynamics of the agri-food sector and the wine world, speaking for example of the initiatives and strategies of companies and consortia, of the raw materials market, of the cultivation chains and of the breeding up to the processing of products, import-export dynamics, aspects connected to the correct nutrition and food culture, the world of restaurateurs and food entrepreneurs, up to new products.

On the Saturday pages of Il Sole 24 Ore will be joined the renewed online channel of Food. A multimedia channel that, in harmony with the topics touched by the newspaper, will offer news, comments and analysis on the sector, while offering ample space to the protagonists with interviews, surveys and case histories.

Four sections of the new online channel Food: Food Economics, where alongside information of an economic nature, those related to regulatory aspects, such as those relating to safety and certification, labeling, biological and GMO, also touching on the issues of the professions, of the work and training; Agro-industry, with in-depth information on industry 4.0, research and innovation, distribution, logistics and machinery; Made in Italy, where the stories of Italian excellences (Dop, Doc, Igp, Igt, Stgecc), the stories of companies, of food and food professionals, fairs and events dedicated to the sector will find their place; Wine, a window on producers, supply chain operators, labels and wineries, development and innovation projects.

These are complemented by the reports that Il Sole 24 Ore dedicates during the year to some trade fairs such as Vinitaly.

The platform that the 24 ORE Group dedicates to the food & beverage sector is completed by the Radiocor, Agrisole and Radio 24 and BtoB initiatives and events.

Radio 24 has been informing the public for years through programs curated by Nicoletta Carbone, one of the first journalists to bring health issues to the radio. Two daily appointments from Monday to Friday of “Obiettivo Salute”: at 6.15 am there is talk of strategies, methods and practical tips to start the day well and at 12.05 useful information to guide you and adopt a healthy lifestyle and therefore able to make us stay and feel good.

These are accompanied by a series of in-depth videos edited by Nicoletta Carbone, published on the website of Radio 24 and on the Facebook pages of Radio 24 and Il Sole 24 Ore, with guests of scientific experts and qualified doctors, who transfer indications and advice to the public useful on the topics of reference.

The appointment with health is also on the weekend of Radio 24: Saturday at 12.30 pm “Obiettivo Salute Week end” with everything there is to do and know to stay healthy and feel better beyond fashions, places municipalities and urban legends, while on Sunday at 12.00 “La bufala in tavola“, a light and engaging program dedicated to the counterculture of fake news that predominates on the themes of health and nutrition by hunting buffalo and bringing the truth back to the table .

The program conducted by Davide Oldani and Pierluigi Pardo, “Parla come mangi“, broadcast on Saturdays from 11 to 12 and on Sunday from 20 to 21, is dedicated to cooking and food culture. by a sports journalist with a passion for bon vivre he creates a cooking and food culture program. The program makes better known raw materials and seasonal products, culinary traditions, offers gastronomic advice. It is inspired by the kitchen to talk about life and foods that make life more enjoyable. All seasoned with great irony.

The specialized news agency of the Radiocor news agency transmits in real time the specialized information useful to the operators of the agri-food sector with news on the main companies, sector / category associations, classifications and sector regulations.

The BtoB publishing offer also sees the creation of digital newsletters on tax news, community and national agricultural policies, economic analyzes, innovation, paper and digital notebooks on the main sector issues, and for the development of tailor-made events.

The Food & Beverage24 platform is completed with events. In particular, two appointments are scheduled for the first half of 2020: the first is the Food Economy Summit, an initiative that will analyze the entire agri-food supply chain through a comparison between companies in the sector and institutions on development, sustainability and innovation.

The second event is the Business Tech Forum, dedicated to innovation and industry 4.0, within which a special focus will be dedicated to agritech, with the ever increasing adoption of software and advanced instrumentation – from sensors to monitor crops and farms up to drones used for different purposes – capable of making agricultural activities increasingly precise, profitable and sustainable.

A complete and integrated multi-platform system, the one that the 24 ORE Group brings to the service of the food & beverage business, which allows all the companies in the sector to come into contact with all the targets that are interested, from the professional to the consumer through the authoritative and high added value contents of all the editions of the 24 ORE Group.

The Food & Beverage System24 starts on Saturday 23 November.

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