New historical record in 2019 for Radio 24

Which reaches 2,345,000 listeners on an average day and records an increase of + 2.8% on the total year. In the second half of 2019, Radio 24 reached the highest number of listeners in its history: 2,384,000 listeners on an average day, confirming the constant growth trend both in the year and in the semester (see table). Particularly significant is the result of the ratings from Monday to Friday of the 2nd half of 2019, which for the first time exceeds 2,600,000.

Another record concerns the average quarter of an hour, with growing results both on the previous year and on the half year 2019.

“The data confirm the strength of Radio 24 and the strength of the 24 ORE Group, an editorial group that has made multimedia its distinctive feature, from digital to paper newspapers, through videos and the Radiocor news agency. – comments the director of radio Fabio Tamburini and of the 24 ORE Group – The editorial project of Radio 24, leader among information radios, is a unique success in the Italian radio panorama and a winner for the quality of its contents “.

“The records reached both in the year and in the second half of the year are the best possible response from the public to the choices made on the schedule – underlines Sebastiano Barisoni, assistant executive director of Radio 24 – An even more significant figure given the attempts to compete with the model the only one of Radio 24, whose merit goes to the journalists of the Gr, to the conductors of the programs and to the entire structure of the radio “.

“Alongside the listening records, there is also the record of the average quarter of an hour of 2019 with a trend that is always growing both in the half year and in the year. A particularly important figure on the advertising front which responded with great enthusiasm to the celebrations of the twenty years of the radio. – comments Federico Silvestri, general manager of 24ORE System and Director of the Radio 24 Division – We are proud to deliver to the market editorial value, greater audience coverage and listening frequency and, therefore, a great effectiveness of advertising communication. “