More nature, wellness, sustainable tourism, and beauty news

The cover image of the latest issue of How To Spend It represents a tree in a house. It’s the new “green” trend design, the main topic of the magazine, with green style articles and covers, where nature often becomes the muse for design and art, and a perfect scenery for fashion shootings, something to be protected with a luxury but strictly sustainable tourism.

Investing in nature is more and more profitable, both for collectors and for nature itself, which has new spaces to express itself. For example at home, if you love nature but you live in the city and you don’t have a house in the countryside, you can build your own personal forest with artist shootings, and – why not? – by following the latest trends of the US luxury designers, “the nature makers”. The cover story, dedicated to these trends, offers advices and costs to get an artwork at home or to collect professional shootings dedicated to nature.

Nature and sustainability also in tourism. Travelling at the end of the world to find the most possible remote place, where you can appreciate the absolute silence. Tasmania, the last stop before Antarctica. Two eco-chic shelters give new meaning to the word “remote” and push the boundaries of the already distant Tasmania even further, offering a total immersion between Jurassic peaks and ink blue lakes. In fact Tasmania is appreciated for the wonderful landscapes, the reserve of Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary. A more and more conscious tourism, where luxury tourists increasingly invest in the improvement of these fragile ecosystems.

For the beauty section, a no limits test: 3 minutes at -170 degrees. It’s the new Cryosaunas, awakening skin and metabolism. A thrilling experience.

The new issue of How to Spend It is available at the newsstands as of Friday 6th.