It’s a (business) match!

According to IL the business of appointments: today it is worth almost 5 billion dollars.

The male magazine of Il Sole 24 Ore counts in the pockets of love and the search engines of the soul mate. Already available on newsstands. Love is an app. On the new issue of IL, the male magazine of Il Sole 24 Ore, out today with the newspaper, they do the accounts in their pockets to the dating app, that is to those applications that, thanks to geolocation and messaging, cross the destinies of people.

He and she, he and he, she and she, looking for a relationship. Research studies confirm that one in three reports is born online and that this interaction has led to an increase in interracial relationships.
A business that has already reached 4.6 billion dollars.

But even if the network facilitates research, or even replaces us with work, IL in the article signed by Alberto Orioli, reminds us of the human factor. What is the difference between us and a robot? Creativity and human kindness?


Man and nature always in the center

It is for Riccardo Donadon, founder of the H-Farm platform, who speaks of artificial intelligence, of the machinations of our lives and of those who interpenetrate with technology to “increase”. But he also explains why man and nature will remain at the center of everything. Here is the human factor.

Save yourself from the dangers

Still on the theme of the app we find out on IL that there are apps to escape the danger: every month there are hundreds of conflicts on fire in the streets of Rio de Janeiro and now an app warns us, in real time, if the danger is around the corner with a trivial notification on the phone. On IL also the visual interview with Zerocalcare, and with the prince of the Polo, Nacho Figueras. IL also does not forget travel: ‘Surprise is life on planet Luxembourg’. In addition to the services of cars, motorcycles, books, cinema and the Graphic Novel. And it does not end here.


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