Is there anyone who can read?

Every Sunday, 3 extra pages for children in the cultural supplement, in pure “Sunday Style”.

On Sunday 16 October the Domenica’s readers found, within the historical cultural supplement of the newspaper, three new pages entirely intended for children and teenagers. “Is there anyone who can read?” It is a supplement in the supplement, where the universe of adults meets the one of the children through amusement and good reading to help today’s children become tomorrow’s good readers.

Starting with these three new pages, the Domenica of Il Sole 24 Ore will provide more room for  amusement without ever giving up the accuracy and authority typical of the Domenica of Il sole 24 Ore.

“Is there anyone who can read?” This is the answer to the new challenge of Il Sole 24 Ore Domenica with the aim – which has always been pursued – to provide a high-level cultural information,  reaffirming its identity now addressed to  “strong” readers between 0 to 99 years of age.

Il Sole 24 Ore Domenica with the new three pages in the second section of the newspaper will be on sale as from Sunday 16 October.