#io resto in Italia

Coronavirus emergency: Radio 24 launches the initiative. Italy in the time of the Coronavirus saw many of its economic sectors in great crisis. Events, fairs, travels have been canceled and while restaurants are in difficulty, foreigners avoid Italy and cancel reservations in the coming months. We, however, can do one thing.

We stay in Italy! Starting from Monday 9 March on Radio 24.

Coronavirus in Italy brings public health concerns and certain damage to all economic and productive sectors. Consumption slows down, businesses are empty, companies risk stopping, foreigners don’t come to Italy. All this with the prospect that this period will last for months and not weeks.

Everywhere we talk about cancellations, canceled events, empty trains and planes, restaurants without customers. Apparently not much can be done, but the combination of many small actions can bring significant results. So why not remember us and remind everyone that you can travel and eat in Italy? From weekend choices to summer holidays you can go to nearby places that we don’t know, in Regions that we have always wanted to visit, in extraordinary places, in places that are also accessible economically.

Radio 24 will thus try to circulate wealth in our country, and to help, at least in part, one of the sectors most affected, that of tourism, which also includes means of transport, bars, restaurants, shops.

The broadcaster wants to make its contribution and launches the #iorestoinitalia initiative to invite through the voices of its conductors and important testimonials to choose our country, even when all borders will reopen. We would like there to be a long, positive wave for the territory.

Starting from Monday 9 March, the initiative will be supported by a communication campaign with promos, banners and social activities and will involve many programs of the schedule, from Focus Economics to Globetrotter, from Uno Nobody 100Milan to Reportage, to tell the opportunities for who travels in Italy, the places of art to see, the stories of tourism companies that resist.

In addition, listeners will also be able to send their testimony to the email address: iorestoinitalia@radio24.it, participating and supporting the initiative of Radio 24.

For more information on planning: info.system24@ilsole24ore.com